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  • Canning's Paintings

    During the processes of painting and repainting - the practice of applying paint and scraping it back off again - there are resultant blemishes, bumps, knocks and scratches that accumulate incrementally on the surface. Canning (2012) remarks that his paintings do not aim for “flawless” surfaces; rather “they’re marked, and they do tell the story of the history of their making”. The hereditary traits of Canning’s inheritance of his father’s trade can also be seen in works like “Lithium” (Fig 4-11, 2008), and also in “Conditions of entry” (Fig 4-12, 2010), where these pocks, deep gouges and scars marring the surface are filled and rendered flawless through the workly characteristics and processes of skimming, polishing and buffing (Canning 2015).…

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  • Early Netherlandish Paintings

    Conclusion Natura naturata versus natura naturans: Different ways of pursuing naturalism in the north and the south Throughout the paper, the question of how and to what extent early Netherlandish painting influenced Leonardo’s paintings of the High Renaissance has been discussed. By showing how Early Netherlandish artists may have influenced their Italian successors, we could set the foundation through comparison. Then, by discussing the characteristic of chiaroscuro in each period, we could…

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  • Abyss Painting

    This painting shows two figures siting on what look to be stools with all kinds of dark colors blending in the background. The figures and the background have extremely defined textures. The subject matter is way the models are portrayed in their respective colors and the way they are surrounded in the darkness with certain textures making scenes in the “abyss”. The colors of the figures are complimentary colors; colors across from each other on the color wheel are combined to make the color…

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  • The Painting Could Not Be Painted By Rembrandt

    In the reading material, the author believes that the painting could not be painted by Rembrandt, which is contradicted by the following lecture. The speaker claims that the painting is actually a work by Rembrandt. According to the reading material, the first piece of evidence is that the woman's fur collar doesn't match with her status. However, the speaker suggests that the wrong part of the painting was added by someone else about a hundred years after the original painting. The additional…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Interior Painting

    You do not need to be a professional painter to complete an interior painting project. However, while some ambitious people will also do exterior painting on their own, most homeowners choose to hire professional painters for their house painting needs. Whatever the case may be, here are a few tips for doing residential painting successfully. For interior painting, prepare the room by emptying it of furniture, covering the floor with a drop cloth taped to the floor boards, removing outlet…

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  • Japanese Painting Essay

    Japanese painting is one of the oldest and most elegant of the Japanese visual arts, embracing many varieties of genres and styles. The long history of Japanese painting expresses synthesis and competition between native Japanese aesthetics and the adaptation of imported ideas. From a decorative view, Japanese paintings are full of mesmerizing Asian charm. Although, this can also be a confusing subject for novices that want to learn more about it. Different painting styles and schools, a…

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  • Passing Storm Painting

    This is oil on canvas painting called Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevadas made by artist Albert Bierstadt during 1870. This panting’s color schemes is polychromatic. It contains different hues such as green, yellow, and blue. Those hues that used on the painting are cool. Also there are secondary colors. The panting used dark green color in the trees that behind the river, and this creates values and distance between mountain and the land. Additionally, this painting used intensity to…

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  • Tintoretto's Painting Style

    Artistic styles has change over time and every quickly. This has been seen numerous times throughout art history. One example is the Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci and Tintoretto. Even though they were painted roughly 100 year apart, there still many differences. Leonardo painting was done in the High Renaissance and Tintoretto painting was done in the mannerism style. These painting are different in the media, layout, and depiction of the last supper. These painting were made of…

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  • Western Landscape Painting

    Chinese landscape painting in the long process of development, the formation of a unique style and aesthetic taste and a complete theoretical system. Similarly, in the Western painting accounted for an important position of the landscape is also true. These two objects of the same performance using different forms of expression of art in the world of art treasures occupy an extremely important position. They are in two different civilizations, the aesthetic value of these two art is the precious…

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  • Residential Painting Contractors

    Painting your house is not as easy as it is shown in the cool television commercials. It is definitely not a one man's job. You need dedication and commitment to complete the entire job. It is not possible for you to reach every nook and corner and ensure that the coloring is done uniformly throughout the house. Hence, it is best to opt for Residential Painting Contractors. They are experienced professionals who have relevant skill and expertise in carrying out the job in the most feasible way. …

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