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  • Japanese Painting Essay

    Japanese painting is one of the oldest and most elegant of the Japanese visual arts, embracing many varieties of genres and styles. The long history of Japanese painting expresses synthesis and competition between native Japanese aesthetics and the adaptation of imported ideas. From a decorative view, Japanese paintings are full of mesmerizing Asian charm. Although, this can also be a confusing subject for novices that want to learn more about it. Different painting styles and schools, a variety of media, the deep roots in Zen Buddhism, and the use of specific terms from the Japanese language can make this art form difficult for Westerners to access. One should know that Japanese painting has always been torn between three mainstream movements:…

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  • Passing Storm Painting

    This is oil on canvas painting called Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevadas made by artist Albert Bierstadt during 1870. This panting’s color schemes is polychromatic. It contains different hues such as green, yellow, and blue. Those hues that used on the painting are cool. Also there are secondary colors. The panting used dark green color in the trees that behind the river, and this creates values and distance between mountain and the land. Additionally, this painting used intensity to…

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  • Western Landscape Painting

    Chinese landscape painting in the long process of development, the formation of a unique style and aesthetic taste and a complete theoretical system. Similarly, in the Western painting accounted for an important position of the landscape is also true. These two objects of the same performance using different forms of expression of art in the world of art treasures occupy an extremely important position. They are in two different civilizations, the aesthetic value of these two art is the precious…

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  • Vanitas Painting

    Description: This photograph was taken by Fulvio Bonavia. It is explored at the Vanitas exhibition, Publics, Paris. Its dimensions are 25.6 by 14.4 inches. The photo is vanitas themed. We can see the skull, flowers, crow, book, dice, candle and the fruit. The hues in this art piece are mostly dark and cool, from the flat background to the table and most of the objects. The bright colors are arranged in the diagonal from the upper left to the lower right. On the left there is a flowers bouquet…

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  • The Love Chase Painting

    Art Museum is home to multiple paintings including Charles Christian Nahl And A little Child Shall Lead them and his The Love Chase . The date And A Little Child Shall Lead Them is unfortunately unknown. And A Little Child Shall Lead Them painting is approximately 3’x3’. The Love Chase is a five-part series that consists of two 6’ x 5’ and three 3’x4’ paintings. The paintings are dated in 1869. And A little Child Shall Lead Them and The Love Chase are both oil-on-canvases completed…

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  • The Dreamer Painting Analysis

    Spanning the years 1765 to 1769, the French artist Jean-Baptiste Greuze painted The Dreamer in oil on canvas. His painting, The Dreamer is a beautiful example of Greuze’s talent in portraying emotion by successfully combining the elements of art which enhance the mood of the image. Greuze creates a well constructed composition through the use of line, color and light to convey the state of being at rest and nearing a peaceful slumber. His use of smooth, flowing lines which curve with the…

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  • Sistine Ceiling: Painting Analysis

    The major difference between the Maestà and the Sistine Ceiling are the surfaces in which each painting was painted on. For example, the Maestà resides upon a flat, two-sided wall which allows for public viewing of one side while utilizing the opposite side for special occasions. This wall also serves as an altarpiece in the Cathedral of Siena, employing the flat surface to effectively divide the wall into an easily comprehensible story. Yet, with the Sistine Ceiling, painted upon the curved…

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  • Impressionism: Painting Analysis

    Impressionism Art Painting can be idealized as a big movement from the 19th century and flourish in France. The Impressionist has normal methods of insight about painting, in spite of the fact that their styles varied broadly. They manage to catch the transient impacts of light through painting in short strokes of immaculate shading. Impressionist concentrated on the emotional impacts of air and light on individuals and objects. Pop art can be idealized as astounding and questionable. They…

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  • Russian Bride's Attire Painting Analysis

    The painting that I decided to write about is one of the most popular paintings in the museum and its called “The Russian Bride’s Attire”. The Russian bride 's attire history is one of the most paintings I have ever seen in my life. The dimension of this painting is 110 x 147 inches. It was made by a very famous Russian painter named Konstantin Makovsky in 1887 and it was completed in Russia. Konstantin Makovsky was born on june 20th in moscow. In 1851 Makovsky got into Moscow school of…

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  • Claude Monet Painting Style Analysis

    Claude Monet is considered one of the most prolific French painters of the 19th century and a founding father of the Impressionist movement. It was Monet’s ability to repaint seemingly similar landscape scenes while effectively differentiating each paining’s symbolic meaning and memorializing these varying variations of color and fleeting effects of light and seasonal weather changes that truly distinguishes his style of painting from other painters. In order to gain greater insight into the…

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