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  • Florence Art History

    The city of Florence has the Palazzo Vecchio as a symbol of power but also as a source of Roman ruins and Renaissance chambers and paintings. Construction on the fortress-like building began in 1299, designed by Arnolfo di Cambio, above the ruins of the Uberti Ghibelline towers and ancient theater of Florentia, the Roman colony. (Fulceri, Elena) The Palazzo Vecchio began as the official home of the Priors, chief magistrates, and the Gonfaloniere, governing body of the Republic. Ruling Florence and Tuscany, the Medici dynasty lived in their own palace until 1540. “Between 1865 and 1872, during the Italian struggle for unity, it was, for a time, the seat of the government, the Chamber of Deputies, and the Foreign Ministry,” (Rogers, Barbara).…

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  • Florence: Patrons's Role In The Renaissance

    Florence was one of the five major city states that rose as a result of the “Dark Age” and black plague. After this, the guild system was rarely used and wealthy, powerful families began to rule (which in Florence was the Medici family). Florence played a major role in the Renaissance because it encouraged and promoted art and culture; it became the center for literature and art and supported those writers and artists affluently. Patrons were the largest supporters for scholars, writers, and…

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  • Brunelleschi: The Dome Of Florence Cathedral

    The Dome of Florence Cathedral was a problem from the start, causing headaches for former engineers. Brunelleschi took on the challenge in 1419. He was possibly led to his hidden talent in architecture after losing a commision to build a sculpture for a baptistry in Florence. He then shied away from sculpting, although he did not quit and began his career in architecture. Some believe he was inspired by his surroundings in Italy, always visiting the works of art there. When he worked on the…

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  • Florence Influence On Renaissance Art

    In the early Renaissance, and slightly prior, Florence was considered to be a focal point of change, gaining the name “the center of the universe”, in some cases. This nickname for Florence, Italy reigns remarkably true in Florence’s impact on the Renaissance, by being a hub new and, eventually historic art, as well as influential philosophers and being a city with vast wealth and a healthy middle class. These factors made Florence a prime location for changes to begin after the Hundred Years’…

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  • Florence Duomo: Filippo Brunelleschi

    Florence Duomo Historical Background Information Around 1415, Filippo Brunelleschi competed for the chance to build the dome of the Florence Duomo. Florence was home to many talented artists, and all of them entered competitions to build or design various buildings around the city. Just a few years before, Brunelleschi had competed to design the bronze doors on the baptistery, but lost the competition to Lorenzo Ghiberti. Along with Ghiberti and Michelangelo, Brunelleschi built a model of what…

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  • Florence Nightingale And Frances Parthenope: A Brief History Of Florence, Italy

    Background Florence Nightingale was born at the Villa La Colombaia in Florence, Italy on the 12th of May 1820. She was born two years after her one and only sister, Frances Parthenope. Both Florence Nightingale and Frances Parthenope was named after a place they were born in, one being Florence, Italy and the latter “Parthe” after Parthenopolis which once was a Greek settlement, now part of Naples, Italy. Florence Nightingale was born into a British family that belonged to the upper-middle-class…

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  • Florence Nightingale Biography

    I am Florence Nightingale. I was born on May 12th, 1820 in Florence, Italy. My parents were inspired by the city to name me. My parents are William and Frances Nightingale. My father was a wealthy landowner and owned three estates. My mother was a British socialite known for her beauty. I am the youngest of the two daughters and also less important, according to my parents.1 My sister, Parthenope, and I were complete opposites.2 My sister and I were raised to be very social since our family was…

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  • Importance Of Public Rituals In Renaissance Florence

    Public ritual in Renaissance Florence involved many actors took many forms.1 Rituals could be civic rituals performed by the citizens of the city, or rituals primarily concerned with one family or group of people, but were displayed and therefore made available to the public.2 Some rituals were popular rituals were anyone could participate. These public rituals had various purposes, the most important ones being reproducing hierarchies which conditioned the organization of power within the…

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  • A Comparison Of Florence Nightingale's Florence And Sir Mary Seacole

    Florence Nightingale as the “original” nurse, and has led the path for all nurses since. Florence was born in 1820 in Florence, Italy and that is where her name came from. Florence was born into an upper class family, but she felt calling from God to help. With that calling Florence wanted to train to become a nurse, and after some convincing to her parents in 1851 she went to Germany to train as a nurse. In 1854 the Crimean War began and that is when Florence began to really shine. Florence…

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  • Florence Nightingale Influence

    Florence Nightingale pushed the government to make changes to better soldiers health in hospitals. Not only did she push for this reform during the Crimean War, but after too. Nightingale became well known for her work in helping sick and wounded soldiers in the war. How she essentially founded nursing and set an example for the rest of the years to follow. She spent her nights caring for soldiers, giving her the name “Lady with a Lamp.” Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy on the night of…

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