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  • Brunelleschi: The Dome Of Florence Cathedral

    The Dome of Florence Cathedral was a problem from the start, causing headaches for former engineers. Brunelleschi took on the challenge in 1419. He was possibly led to his hidden talent in architecture after losing a commision to build a sculpture for a baptistry in Florence. He then shied away from sculpting, although he did not quit and began his career in architecture. Some believe he was inspired by his surroundings in Italy, always visiting the works of art there. When he worked on the Dome in Florence, he invented a new hoisting machine that made the project memorable and doable. His motivation was completing the project at hand that seemed impossible. The Dome required very skilled engineering, so he probably asked himself, how am…

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  • Brunelleschi's Dome

    In architecture and civil engineering, sustainability plays a main role. All buildings and any construction could be potentially dangerous if they were built or designed in an inappropriate way. All structures and designs have to be safe and stable to prevent the fatal catastrophe of failing construction. The construction of any large objects, such as shopping centers, cathedrals, bridges, and other usually takes a lot of time. There are many forces that affect the designed construction and…

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  • Compare And Contrast Michelangelo And Bernini's David

    perfectionism. Michelangelo wanted to empathize David’s dedication before the fight making it a masterpiece. In the Baroque period, Art was moving more towards using the human figure as a form of expression. Bernini, being a fan of Michelangelo, recreated David with more expression and activeness. This makes the observer feel more in touch with the emotional side of the piece. Donatello was commissioned to make a statue of David in his early twenty’s for the Florence Cathedral. David was…

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  • The Influence Of Art In The 15th And 16th Century Renaissance

    In the early 15th Century Florence, there were an array of young artists that experimented discuss the context of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Filippo Brunelleschi was an important innovator during the Renaissance period as an architect and an inventor. Leon Battirta Alberti was also an important engineer during this time. Also discussed, are few works done by Donato Bramante (1444-1514) and Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564). This essay will briefly discuss the importance of art…

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  • Corruption In The Catholic Church

    but the scene is still placid. Those driving past late on a Saturday afternoon, might be lucky enough to spy a beautiful bride leaving the church with her groom and party. Our parish is on the smaller side, with an average of around 2,500 families in the congregation. Though attendance at masses is often low when compared to the number of registered believers, the church itself in no way feels empty. The OLP church 's magnitude can be put into perspective by comparing it to the smaller, adjacent…

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  • Church During The Middle Ages Essay

    There were two types of cathedrals; they were either monastic, led by monks who followed a more devoted life, or secular, led by clerks who desired political power. Cathedrals were built using a Gothic style, which included stained glass, large windows, and many small details. These projects were very time consuming and expensive. A monk at a cathedral church named Gervase stated in 1174 that it took a master mason a year to prepare the land for building. He also notes that it took another…

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  • Blindness In Cathedral By Robert Carver

    Robert Carver uses the character Bub, in his short story “Cathedral”, to demonstrate the difference between being physically blind and emotionally blind. Bub proves that he is capable of seeing the physical things around him, such as his wife, his home, his marijuana, and even the blind man Robert, who eventually changes his outlook on life. However, these sights are all on the surface and have no deep meaning to Bub and his one track minded life style. In fact others authors including Mark…

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  • Personal Narrative: When Church And Family Collide

    last time I went to visit it was the year I started high school. The hallways that echoed with my laughs and the memories of my childhood now looked so small. The room with the music controls my dad used to use so the voice of the choir could be heard by all did not excite me as much. No more did the wall made of rocks look climbable. It was all that I had remembered, but not. What made it more meaningful than any of these memories though, is that my grandfather was the head of the church.…

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  • An Important Role In Gothic Architecture

    There are many factors in everyday life that affects human behavior. Art, for example, has an enormous influence on how people react to day-to-day activities in their life. Architecture also has an important role on the way people act in different atmospheres. Some people may think that architecture is all about the shape of the building, but so much more thought goes into the process of it. When creating the architecture of the building, one must look at the intending use of the property, the…

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  • The Sculptor Of David By Michelangelo

    The Renaissance was the rebirth of man’s life here on earth, according to standstead.com, and Michelangelo’s sculptor of David is the best utterance of this sense of life. One piece of art in particular is the “David” sculpture. The sculpture was made between 1501 and 1504, a naked man made out of marble. This sculpture is known as the most famous statue in Florence. According to Accademia.com, the sling in the trunk were covered with gold leaf, but being outdoors in Piazza della Signoria and…

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