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  • Atrium Fire Case Study

    Heat will be moved from the hot smoke to the descending cold air and from smoke to the atrium walls. Then if the cross sectional area of the atrium is small and the HRR of fire is high enough, smoke column will be created and flooding flow will occur in the atrium, too. In other hand, if the cross sectional area of the atrium is high and the HRR of fire is small, smoke column will not create in the atrium and floding flow will not occur to vent smoke. Figure ‎2.8 Flow at the early stage of adjacent floor fire[13]. Table ‎2.4 Conditions of each simulation [13]. By watching the calculation results dynamic display, then the time and location of the flooding flow can be obtained.Floding flow did not occur till the simulation end time at 800 second in the atria with size 11×11×27m and 12×12×27m. In the range of designed HRR of fire (100 kW to 2000 kW), HRR of fire in most cases had no effect to whether flooding flow occurs or not, but it affected the time when it became…

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  • Flow Control Vs. Congestion Control In Computer Networks: Questions And Analysis

    to the final destination. 2. Compare the following: • Flow Control vs. Congestion Control o Flow Control is used in Computer Networks because of its mechanism of controlling the data flow between sender and receiver. As a result if there is a slow receiver this is not overwhelmed with all the data transmitted by…

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  • Sample Persuasive Speech

    \THE YOGABRAIN® STORY While participating in a Sun Salutation Practice being run in Brisbane, Australia, Henry had a chance to chat with Alana who was running the practice. We talked about how hard it was for both student and teacher to count the full 108 rounds of the practice session. Since you were having to keep count of the rounds, this did not allow you to enter the flow state of mind. Instead, you had to constantly work to remember where you were in the count. Is There an App for this?…

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  • The Security Challenges Of SDN And The Traditional Network

    are next generation networks. They provide high flexibility, reliability, and security. The main difference between SDN and the traditional network is separation of control and data plane. In SDN, only the controller has the decision-making capabilities. Whereas switches are responsible for traffic forwarding. The controller and switches can be programmed dynamically or as needed. Applications communicate directly with the SDN controller via the northbound interface. This plane is also called as…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Trading

    that will triumph in the long run. Anyone who looks for capital gain are classified as a trader. Investors on the other hand focus on building sustainable and longer term cash flow and passive income. An investor will eventually have an upper hand over traders because when an investor acquires an asset. Capital Gain A trader will keep making new trades by buying and selling while a true investor will make one important commitment and ride it all the way. With each new trade, a trader assumes…

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  • Behavioral Economics & Optimal Decision-Making: A Case Study

    This week’s readings on family decision-making and financial literacy offered insight into the struggles low-income households face each month to survive, much less invest or save. In particular, the volatile and unpredictable nature of working hours, predicted income, and unforeseen expenditures affect low-income individuals’ ability to draw on resources and grow assets over the course of a lifetime. By necessity, low-income and asset poor individuals are unable to accumulate wealth to build…

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  • Caregroup Case Study Summary

    making sure that working knowledge is up-to-date is something that should always be kept in mind. This is part of the software development life cycle during the maintenance and quality assurance step. 4. Beware of users armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous: There should always be steps in place and contingency plans for all possible attacks on a system or network. It is good that this lesson was learned sooner rather than later so that the IT team stays vigilant and supervises…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sole Trader

    efficiency of decision-making (Kimmel, 2008). But each partner takes on unlimited liability for the business's debts and there is also the risk of dysfunctional disagreements among the partners (Pendieton & Vickery, 2005). Company With the company option, it is a form of business organization and separate entity from its directors and members. One of the advantages is the ownership flexibility, shareholders being able to come and go without unduly affecting the business. At the same…

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  • Motorola Liability

    search and advertising. It has one the most recognizable global brands which has given it a market leadership position in that category. The company is financially strong with marketable securities and cash and cash equivalents totaling more than $48 billion in 2012. The firm’s revenue growth is solid with year-over-year growth of 32.7% in 2012. It is the dominant market leader in the search market with 66.7% share. The company’s product portfolio is diversified to include video, cloud…

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  • Brokeage Theory Paper

    organizations and actors involved in professional development or about interactions among them. Yet, the the structure of networks in a field influence the availability and flow of ideas (Beckert, 2010a). The available ideas, in turn, influence which practices are adopted (Beckert, 2010a; Coburn, 2004; 2005a; Rao et al., 2003). Influence actors can play a critical role in the promotion of ideas (Burt, 1999). In this study, influence PD actors came from a variety of…

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