Personal Narrative-Hate Relationship With Pinterest

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I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I signed up after being egged on by my two sisters who both enjoyed collecting pins at the time. I've lost track of my younger sister's activity-being a social butterfly she's most likely moved on to bigger and better things, but my older sister persisted-especially after the arrival of her first child. I pinned at first with enthusiasm, but the pressure to complete pins I'd added to my boards began to haunt me, and a few feeble recipe attempts that were disastrous turned me off to the website for awhile. Basically, the pressure to get things "Pinterest Perfect" sapped the joy of creativity right out of me. Pinterest became less of a friend and more of a useful enemy. You know, the sort you kept close to make sure they didn't abscond with the family fortune the second your back was turned, but instead invited over to casual dinner parties in hopes of eking out some favorable business connections. It was a delicate relationship. I would cautiously peep onto the site and click pins with the ferocious timidity of a mouse eating peanut butter off a spring trap and then I'd skitter away and ignore it for weeks at a time. …show more content…
I blissfully ignored Pinterest for months after the birth of my first son, wrapped up in all the ups and downs of parenting... but then he began walking a week or so before he turned 9 months and I suddenly realized I would need to find ways to entertain him. Next, we moved 12 hours away from both sets of grandparents (the one set we had been living with for two years at this point) and I was completely on my own for food ideas. My older sister gently encouraged me to give Pinterest a second try. I took a deep

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