Social Media Trends

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Nowadays, people are using internet related services more often if we look at former days. We can say that people cannot live without the internet now. Developing in technology has changed a lot of things that especially use the internet. Social media, social networking service, and cloud services, for instance, emerged and are becoming more important for people’s lives. Because of the internet’s popularization, people have been getting used to gathering plenty of information and becoming greedier to get that. The fact is still that the internet has improved people’s lives much more convenient. Particularly, we can think that social media is the one has improved many things. It can send and spread people’s information such as one’s
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This makes sense that companies apply social media for their businesses because people are using more social media. Likewise people communicate each other, companies are able to connect with their customers by using social media. Therefore, companies are taking advantages to get close to customers. However, there are some concern for using social media in businesses as well as people also have those problems in normal lives. In this paper, social media will be defined first, and then use of social media in business situations, its benefits and concern will be …show more content…
How people and businesses are now recognizing social media for instance. Like other small businesses, new social media services keep merging. As we know, organizations of social media are existing as commercial purposes that profits basically come from posting advertisements on their services. It may indicate that people see more businesses related social media today. This could say that recent social media are adopting more business usage to be used by companies.
DeMers (2014) has studied some predictions and current situations about social media trends from 2013 to 2014. First, business owners are investing more and more in social media. 86 percent of the business owners in 2013 have shifted to 92 percent in 2014, so that means companies are considering social media much more importantly. Besides, image-centric social networks including Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are discussed as a trend in the article. As he says, Pinterest’s the average female users are posting four times more in these four years (DeMers, 2014). However, social media providers are basically being urged to get more subscribers such as young people due to high competition. For example, Snapchat might have a unique way to be used by a company, so that it came up with announcing the nominees of MTV’s Video Music Awards on its platform. By contrast, LinkedIn, another social network characterized for businesses, is growing to be a primary business

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