Argumentative Essay On Social Media Pros And Cons

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Social Media How hard is to tell who murdered privacy and common sense when you can see social media’s has machete on its hand? Internet is one of the most powerful technologies we have in this generation, and we are using it in our daily activities as part of our life. Social media such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are some of the popular social media sites where people interact. Since, these sites are free and easy to access a high percentage of the world’s population is broadcasting their daily activities and interests publicly without thinking twice about future consequences and their privacy. After any information has been posted on these cites it’s hard to control, so the privacy and security of those people …show more content…
People can use to social media for different communication proposes. In the very list, families can communicate from two deferent poles of this planet. Social media is the better place to build a great network too. For example, people who look for job can use social media to find their dream job. Francine Russo is a widely recognized journalist. In her article, she discussed about how useful is social media in finding jobs, she said, “ job searchers are migrating away from traditional sites and toward social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, where many feel more comfortable and in control. They 've helped LinkedIn raise its market share in job search from 4.7% in 2010 to a projected 12.2% by 2013”. This date shows that how social media is in progressing its advantage to the public users.

In end, social media has advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages of social media can’t change the fact that you all ways at high risk of privacy and security issue. The advantages social media we can gain from other sources, but our privacy, security and emotional stability we can’t find it somewhere else. Therefore the only way to be safe and secure is to avoid social

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