Negative Impact Of Social Media

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Social media is a place for socialization with many people. Surely, all people know social media and they use social media for everything they want. Social media is used online and can be used unlimited space and time. The example of social media are facebook, Instagram, What’s App, etc. Recently, social media gives many problems in Indonesia. So, we have to respond whether social media gives negative impacts for us or not. I take the impacts of social media as my topic because social media very important for our life. Social media can’t be separated with us. Social media is a development of technology that must be accepted. So we must understand about the impacts of social media.
Social media gives negative impacts for life. Social
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From the mental health, social media can makes the people stress or depression. For the example, teenagers bullied many people because there was something wrong so he was depressed. From depression can lead to impaired physical health, like a madness. Another example is tired eyes from radiation of smartphone. Social media can happen the crime. Kidnapping can occured because of the social media. Another example is fraudulent in form of goods because the different of picture and original goods,the picture can be edited easily so we are fooled. furthermore, defamation can occur through social media and spreading malware by irresponsible parties for the purpose of damaging the computer. Social Media can cause the entry of foreign culture that is not compatible with Indonesian culture. We often hear with globalization, globalization that we feel now. We are easy to access any information through social media. Today, people, especially teenagers like something related to other countries. teens love international songs, modern dance, and lifestyle of western culture. It can conflict with Indonesian culture. For the example, Indonesian teenagers are very open dress like a western culture. It is not compatible with the Indonesian culture that dresses closed. Another example, teens in other countries are allowed to drink alcohol while in indonesia teens are prohibited from drinking alcohol. …show more content…
in the world of education, we can seek knowledge in accordance with learning activities. In the world of work, we also need social media for many activities. for the example, we need social media for promotional of goods or services. It can increase corporate profits. Another example, nowadays companies recruit employees must see their social media, companies see their profile in social media.
Last, with social media we can communicate with many people easily. We can communicate with many people indefinitely and space. Although more effective if direct face to face communication but we also can communicate with social media if it is difficult to face to face. In addition, we can also get acquainted with people that we do not know before even people in other country. It can also make us have many network and easy when we look for the job.
From the above explanation and the conclusion, I think social media can give a negative or positive impact depending on the user and the needs of the user. We will not get the negative impact of social media if we use social media wisely. We should not rely on social media, because social media is just as our helpers to do every activity not as part of our

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