Social Media And Social Depression

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Throughout history, communication has played a significant role in the development of cultures and more specifically effective communication. Effective communication facilitates people to understand each other, breaks down language and cultural barriers, and builds trust and respect for one another. Today people have evolved, so as the way they communicate. We can trace the first form of communication to cave paintings around 130,000 B.C.E. The theory is that the arts informed everyone what was safe to eat. Another significant change in communication came in the form of handwritten documents. Then in 1448, Gutenberg invented the printing press with the ability to mass produced and distribute newspapers and books
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"The study determined that the more time young adults use social media, the more likely they are to be depressed.” (Chowdry, n.d.) According to the survey, there is a direct link to the amount of time young adults spend online and people that exhibit symptoms of depression. The depression is called Facebook depression because of its volume of users, and it was the site of a study; however, depression is not limited to Facebook. Additionally, people are in general social creatures, and they feel the need for interaction that leads to staying connected online and communicate. Becker, Alzahabi, & Hopwood conducted a study on the effects of social media on depression and social anxiety. The study “revealed that increased media multitasking was associated with higher depression and social anxiety symptoms, even after controlling for overall media use and the personality traits of neuroticism and …show more content…
Social media is the new platform of communication and what makes it significant is its content; it is more about what occurs in social media and the effects. Social media has both positive and negative impacts on individuals, which subsequently influence culture. The effects are of social organization, customs and traditions, language and economic systems. Some of the benefits are politics, business, socialization, education, and language. Social media has an impact on the election because many people follow those feeds and make their determination based on the information. Social media also can mobilize people for a cause. As a consequence, social media changes electoral culture and organization structure. Social media also has an impact on socialization as it provides two-way communication between businesses and customers, a company can do a quick search and have a preliminary view of potential employees and staff can link their resumes and wait for a response; therefore being an effective method of hiring. Furthermore, there has been a cultural change in the relation between work and personal life because social media have crossed the barrier that previously existed. Social media has a significant impact on socialization as it provides an opportunity to maintain communication, re-connect, share ideas, educate and

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