Negatif Effect Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media
Does social media give negatif effect ? Yes

Social media is an application that is in a gadget that is in use to share or create something content to other users. Social media is very simple on the use so that everyone can use of the young to which the old. In this moderns era social media very widely used and very useful, social media can be used as communicate with other people,stranger and find old friend who rarely meet. Source survey and the articel in internet social have some negatif effect for someone who reapated. There so many to noticed for form social media not to be bad impact for Us. Do not until we affected of the of the bad impact. There some impact of media social : Using social media could addictiv for its
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Whereas we as social beings desperatly need other people,especially those the around. People also spent more time with its gadgets, this maked most people are rectulant to communicate or interact directly and cboose to interact throught social media. Social media is so very simple to used but such ease missued to view or post content adult that is not generally seer publicly,there are so many people who disseminate adult content in social media. Lack of supervision from parent makes so many children see adult content, of course it will change behavior of children. Not just adult content but also some people use to offend SARA and brings into conflict beetwen groups of course it will a split.
The worst think about social media is cyber bullying. A lot of people use social media to bully others, bully happens because there is dislike each other. In social media bully can done indirectly and non-physic, cyber bullying often occur through social media. Cerantly cyber bullying have very bad impact on the psychology the victims of the bully, in a state of distress the victims bully can do anythink like revenge, hurt himself and at worst commit
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Social media can help to communicate with other people in distant region. Communicate using socialedia can shorthen the time because it can communicate without face to face. We just take handphone and open social media to communicate with others. By using social media we can get the lates news happening around in world. With social media we do not need to wait for the news on television or read the newspapper in the morning, in social media we just choose the news we want see.

Social media can be a good bussines oppurtunity for the beginer businnes,owners could connect directly with costumers through social media. In social media everybody can easily sell good and find are inhabited. Therefone we could save the time by online shop rather than have to come directly to the store, sosial media also help the community to promote home made that want to be sold the general public. Online shop in media social also has advantages that there are so many types of good that offer.
Based on the above facts we can conclude media social have positif effect or negativ effect on health of society all depend on social media users. Therefore We as adult society must be wise in using media social, do not until we affected the negatif impact of social media. So we can enjoy the positif impact of social media. Hopefully the future of social media has a firm rule so that negatif impact that are given can

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