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  • Internet Crime And The Internet

    The “Deep Web,” is a separate web accessed by anyone anywhere around the world. Using the servers provided by the United States in order to operate. Covering more than ninety percent of the internet, providing with illegal content and shops (Sterne, 4). People around the globe can connect to the Deep Web and have access to books and articles, informing readers on how to create bombs, how to take out and sell organs for money, and how to make illegal drugs. The Deep Web can be accessed by downloading the “Tor Browser,” which protects the user’s identity by transferring IP addresses from computers around the world. According to Sterne, who is an internet security agent, “the transfer of drugs, illegal weapons and the hiring of contract killers…

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  • Importance Of Internet On The Internet

    Do you know what your child, little brother, or baby cousin is doing on the internet? Not many people do. My little sister has me blocked from all of her social media accounts because she wants her “privacy” at twelve years old. From personal experience I can vouch for the internet being a very unsafe place for children. I believe that young children should not be allowed unsupervised internet use freely. The internet is something easily accessible now. You carry it with you on your phone…

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  • The Internet And The Laws Of The Internet

    Laws of the Internet When one thinks about the internet they imagine a tool that has limitless knowledge on tap, but most of the time they imagine their computer’s or phone’s capability of connecting to the world wide web. And on the world wide web, People are able to buy items, socialize, work, and simply relax via the internet. In many ways, the internet has changed our lives in the 21st century. Without the internet many of the jobs that thousands of people go to are obsolete. For example,…

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  • The Internet And Social Addiction To The Internet

    proponents of social networks believe that the Internet provides users with a sense of confidence in a new environment, along with the opportunity to connect with others, research suggests that increased usage of technology may entrap users with a false reality, which may lead to an unhealthy addiction to the cyber world. Although it is inevitable to escape the Internet as digital technology evolves, we can acknowledge the dangers that the Internet poses…

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  • The Internet: The Importance Of Censorship On The Internet

    The internet’s expansion since its first communication between two computers back in 1969 has created many new opportunities for people across the globe. Modern day life relies on the usage of the internet, where it improves the lives of people by making it easier to communicate, speed up their work, and share with others. However, with great things comes great consequences. Although the internet helps expand people’s lives and experiences, how are they to protect such precious treasures? Back…

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  • The Internet: The Positive Impact Of The Internet

    The internet has significantly advanced in the last two decades. The use of the web allows users to find out news from all over the world within seconds of the incident happening. It gives ordinary people the platform to rise up and point out the injustices and amplify it to the entire world. We have benefited greatly by being able to access an unknown amount of information at the edge of our fingertips. We will continue to grow and evolve with the amount of information that can be accessed and…

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  • The Importance Of Marketing On The Internet And Internet

    With the development of technology and Internet. Tourism plays a very important part in our daily life. More and more people will choose to travel for their free time through the Internet and tourism has become an indispensable recreational activity. Tourism is the development of tourism carrier, so it is extraordinarily significant to promote tourist attractions on social network in Internet + age. But how to promote the development of tourist attractions on social network in internet + age?…

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  • The Internet: The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

    The Internet evolves constantly, every day. With this evolution, come different tools that correspond, some we can benefit from and some that can harm us in the long run. People can use the Internet for personal use or business/educational purposes. The Internet expands from games, to social media, to finances and education. For educational purposes, the Internet can improve students’ study habits, improve students’ writing skills, and can also help students get ideas of how to improve their…

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  • The Internet: The Importance Of The Internet

    world use the Internet on a daily basis for many reasons. The Internet is becoming a fundamental factor in everyone’s every day life. It is as if people can’t live without some sort of device connecting them to the cyber world for more than what seems a minute. However, we can’t shun out all use of Internet via our smart phones or laptops as pure evil –right? I mean take for example this essay; can you imagine how much longer it would have taken to hand write let alone gather information? Yeah,…

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  • The Internet: The Benefits Of The Internet

    The internet can be regarded as one of the primary developments that has resulted from the evolution of technology. It has proven to be an excellent source, ranging from assisting those with work that is difficult to complete to those who may use the internet for simple, yet effective things. Public schools utilize the internet as support while conducting education. Many children exemplify considerable intelligence and knowledge when navigating Internet sources, which indeed, further allow them…

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