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  • Essay On Obscenity

    The joke has been made by some that if prostitution is indeed the world’s oldest profession, than pornography must be the world’s oldest expression. Indeed, the very word pornography was originally used to describe any art or literature that depicted the life of prostitutes (Jenkins, 2014), while obscenity is a word believed to have come from the Middle French word obscène in the late 16th century, meaning “offensive to the senses, or to taste and refinement” (Harper, 2001). In order to completely examine the idea of obscenity, its role and how it is handled in today’s legal society, one must first take a look at the legal definition of obscenity, including how it is related to and different from pornography, how it has evolved, and the problems currently associated with it. This paper will briefly examine the history of how obscenity has been defined and dealt with in the United States, apply a personal view to the standards set by the “Cambria” list, and discuss the effect the internet has had on the way the courts now deal with obscenity cases. Pornography vs obscenity Pornography is widely defined as material which deals with sex, and is designed to sexually arouse the…

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  • Obscenity In Popular Music

    Artists speaking out about their political views is becoming more and more common, as is obscenity in popular music. Cuss words in songs are ‘bleeped out’ on radio, however artists, particularly rappers in the 21st century, are choosing to create two versions of their songs; a ‘dirty’ one and a ‘clean’ one (Benesch 1994). This is known as self-censorship and is not as controversial as other types of censorship in relation to freedom of expression. In fact, Neil Strauss (2000) believes that, ‘the…

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  • Essay On Obscenity Protection

    Obscenity is defined in Media Essentials: A Brief Introduction as a form of expression not protected by the first amendment. The reason for not protecting it is due to its inappropriate information. This information could harm or upset its audience in anyway and this must be avoided. However, where the line should be drawn is not always clear, how much protection does the first amendment give us? What is too much protection and can it go too far? This argument has occurred in two cases: The New…

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  • Pope V. Illinois Obscenity Case Study

    Illinois Obscenity Statute- under which they had been convicted- was unconstitutional because it had allowed the “value” of the magazines to be judged by community standards. In response, Illinois contended that the statute was indeed constitutional because the three elements of the Miller standard were conjoined under community definition of obscenity. To come to a verdict, the Supreme Court used the basis of the Miller Test and past obscenity…

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  • Explain Richards View And Arguments Regarding The Legal Restrictions And Prohibitions Of Pornography

    finally conclude by evaluating Richards’ arguments. Millian liberalism would not allow the prohibition of pornography because it falls within the scope of private not public morality. The state must allow individuals the maximum ability to live within their own rights and pornography is not the law’s business when it is produced or involves consenting adults for the consumption of adults in private. Any harms that may result from pornography do not harm individuals in a way that would justify…

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  • Essay On Music Censorship

    If a state obscenity law is thus limited, First Amendment values are adequately protected by ultimate independent appellate review of constitutional claims when necessary. (“Three Pronged Obscenity Test”) People who are appointed into office at the Supreme Court vote on whether or not a work of art is offensive. The small Supreme Court should not be able to decide what the whole United States would decide a work of art is obscene. There is no unequivocal test that says that a work of art is…

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  • Book Censorship Argumentative Essay

    and places it in its library does not mean it agrees with or promotes its content (www.ala.org). This is still an important distinction made today. Novels such as Huckleberry Finn and Lolita received the label of being politically incorrect and were removed from shelves. Books appearing to have controversial moral issues such as teenage sexual conduct, homosexuality, and racism were targets of restriction. In the 1950’s library censored books containing obscenity included those authored by…

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  • Minneapolis Institute Of Art Case Study

    restraint on the freedom of speech", Roth v. United States, and that historically, obscenity lies outside of the protection of the First Amendment. The respondent, the American Civil Liberties Union, hereafter referred as ACLU, hold that this is an art exhibit that appeals to the purest interest of those who enjoy the arts, and the nature of the work has social and artistic value. They also argue for the right of minors to be able to view the exhibit as a freedom of their expression The case…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Music Censorship

    The First Amendment allows for freedom of speech, assembly, press, religion and petition. In today’s society relating to pop culture, artists have the protection to express themselves in any way they choose because of the amendment. Music censorship is a regulatory measure to ensure that music adheres to applicable legislation and statutory regulation. Music censorship is a big controversy in the U.S. Artists’ beliefs’, expressions and rights are taken away, which goes against the protection of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Censorship

    we need more censorship embedded into our society. These are the people who think we have become too laid back in our outlook of what is acceptable. Irving Kristol author of “Pornography, Obscenity, and the Case for Censorship” take a look at society ad ask the question did we get what we asked for? Kristol states, “we all believe that there is some point at which public authorities ought to step in to limit the self-expression of an individual or a group even where this might be seriously…

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