Internet Privacy

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The internet is a global network system in which people can rapidly transmit information to one another; it has become more popular with the increase in technology. Browsing the internet had grown popular to not only adults, but teens and children as well. Teens use the internet to communicate with other people throughout the world instantly. Social media has caused a lot of controversy in the world today, yet it still continues to grow bigger and bigger. People can instantly access whatever website they need or want to go on at any time they want through smart phones, tablets, etc. There are many people who believe social media has no harm and only benefits people in the world today. Others, however, believe that social media is a waste of …show more content…
Internet privacy is the leading problem with the internet. A major reason for the decline in privacy on the internet is because " networks are based on sharing information, so anyone using such a network is automatically accepting infringements on privacy” (Anderson). Most websites require basic personal information to just join the site and because almost every website has it, it often goes unnoticed. Children are big victims of the lack of internet privacy because of the private chat rooms that have now become popular. Parents often do not regulate what their children are doing online because they think it is not dangerous when really the internet is easy access to any predator. Because of the lack of privacy over the internet, "Social media data can be used to collect information about individuals by governments, businesses, journalists, employers, or social media platforms themselves” (Oboler). Data shared over the internet is available at any time, and the government has the ability to access everything put out on the internet even when it says it is private. Even when a website says the information is private, people can still access the information somehow. With all the new websites that are coming out, “Privacy concerns have also increased because of the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.” (Internet). Facebook is a big example of internet privacy concerns because it has over 1,374,000,000 users all over the world, and has been questioned by people in the past, but still continues to stretch the boundaries. It asks personal questions for the profile that are mandatory for someone to join the website. Facebook has been sued multiple times for its invasion of privacy on users’ private information, yet nobody prevents them from taking the information. Officials have been trying to improve privacy over the internet, but as of right now it

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