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  • Importance Of English As A Lingua Franca

    Name: George Kolanchery MODULE:1 SECTION:A Question 2: Explain, with examples, how language varies according to the context in which it is spoken or written. Although English is not the language with the largest numbers of native or ‘first’ language speakers, it has become a lingua franca. A lingua franca can be defined as “a language widely adopted for communication between two speakers whose native languages are different from each other’s and where one or both speakers are using it as a ‘second language’.“ English seems to be one of the main languages of international communication, and even people who are not speakers of English often know words such as bank, computer, hotel, hospital, piano, radio, taxi, television and walkman. There are a number of reasons for the popularity of English as a lingua franca such as colonialism, trade and commerce, travel and tourism, major channel for information exchange, and dominating language in popular culture. Though we have talked about English as one language…

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  • Empire Of The Word Essay

    and Arabic, he/she could listen and read the genuine news about the Middle Eastern’s problems, without any altered translation that tends to see political bias the country that translated it. Although what being said is actual, in my opinion, the average people do not share the interest of being multilingual. Therefore, a great majority of individuals tend to speak only the lingua franca. Moreover, if one reflects about what was said, one realizes that the countries that use the lingua franca as…

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  • Importance Of English As An International Language

    international language refers to a language in widespread use as a foreign language or second language (Richards et al.,1992, p.234). Over the years, the English language has reached a status of the international language, and has played an important role around the world for economic, education, scientific and entertainment exchange between nations and particularly between people, and commonly is characterized as a lingua franca. According to Crystal (1997), today, more people use English than…

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  • Courage Is What It Takes To Stand Up And Speak

    “ Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak ; it is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ” said Winston Churchill. But what happens if you cannot talk or moreover are not able to listen not because of a lack in courage but because you cannot understand what is being said as it is in different language. That what globalisation have brought into the companies in the 21st century ,lingua franc, it is simply means the language that is being used between several people who speak…

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  • Sandra Lee Mckay's English As An International Language

    Overtime, a country could change location within the three circles, probably moving closer to the inner circle. Because of the ever-growing use of English, it has become known as a Lingua Franca. A Lingua Franca is a contact language used between two people who do not share a common first language. In order to communicate, these people must use a language that they both know, even if nether speaker considers himself or herself to be proficient in the language. For example, a native Italian…

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  • Importance Of Academic English Essay

    sophisticated vocabulary allows the writer to have a rich variety of words to choose from allowing them to address their topic without straying from what they want to convey in their essay. Academic English gives a sentence structure simplicity allowing the writer to express his/her thoughts clearly. It avoids the use of contractions such as omissions because a contraction can have multiple abbreviations thus creating ambiguity in a sentence. Academic English has been selected as the Lingua…

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  • Cultural Awareness In English Language

    severing their ties to the classical Greek and Latin, and embraced the more modern, versatile English language. In this process of modernization, English became the prominent "mother tongue" and other modern languages (Spanish, French, Italian) became "foreign" languages. Out of this seemingly random occurrence caused by only a handful of people, a unique monolinguistic identity was born for North Americans. As the U.S. demographic evolves with more children raised in non-English households, it…

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  • Importance Of English Essay

    The British Empire was powerful under the colonization. They had a good military, politic and economy. Today it is the USA, which has most of the power, their politics is world known, their economy is strong and their military is considered one of the best. The USA is today the world police with much power. That is the reason why people use English as a way to communicate every day. The English language is the biggest lingua franca in the world. Today there are 56 countries in the world that has…

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  • Bilingual Language Research Paper

    elevate issues involving linguistic differences). It is not uncommon for neighboring tribes to deliberately attempt to alter their languages to further differ it from the speech of other neighboring tribes. And thus, language contact may even trigger a desire to be different and could even motivate deliberate changes in native speech patterns. Similarly, language contact can lead to linguistic convergence (or an increase in shared features between neighboring languages; due to various language…

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  • Native Language Essay

    on sociopolitical and cultural practices. Endonormative Stabilization is indicated by the acceptance of local norms and a new self-confidence, rooted in local Englishes. The fifth, and final stage, is Differentiation. This occurs when the identity is less defined by the differences from the British, comprised of regional, ethnic, and social subgroups. The new English koine begins to show greater differentiation. Using the model presented by Schneider, The United States would be placed…

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