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  • Bilingual Education In Spanish Essay

    bilingual education has become understood as a real priority in schools around the world. In all European countries, English has become the main language for communication among non-native English speakers, which may explain the categorization of “lingua franca” that many experts have given to this…

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  • The Importance Of The English Language?

    the first thing you see would be the english text. Learning how to read and write the English language is a very important factor in education. In a study conducted by Stephen Wilkins and Jolanta Urbanovic, it showed how “English has become the lingua franca in international higher education, and governments have set targets even for public universities to introduce programs taught in English, examples being Lithuania (Urbanovič & Wilkins, 2013) and Malaysia (Onsman, 2012).” Also, many parents…

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  • The Importance Of The Universal Language

    Globalization means communication. The blistering increase of social media platforms, and the accessibility to different parts of the world, good communication, more than ever, is key to a harmonious world. Our problem is, with roughly 6500 languages spoken today, misunderstandings are inevitable. It is a commonly faced dilemma; How do we know that the person who unfortunately speaks Thai and very broken English isn’t exactly the person we need to open our eyes to something we never imagined.…

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  • Theoretical And Methodological Developments In TESOL

    "What do you consider the most important theoretical or methodological developments in TESOL over the last decade?" Being a field that is very open and receptive to new ideas and practices, the process of these beliefs and practices being subjected to ongoing critical examination and renewal has led to many changes over the years in the way that language is taught. As new ideologies become popular or are sanctioned by the profession we begin to see paradigm shifts as the status of the English…

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  • Importance Of English As A Global Language

    The English language now days considered as Global language, because it is used in almost everything. It has been used in technology, education, employment and scientific communication. This essay will include three primary questions to answer it and analyze, Why English is a global language and when it started? Regarding to answer this question we will need to speak about numbers and some historical dates, starting in England moving to America, Canada, Caribbean and Africa and we are going to…

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  • Standardization In English Essay

    English is often described as the dominant language of the world and as a primary language, the language in which all transactions are conducted. English proficiency has become an essential requirement in many professions. In the middle of the fifth century AD, English came to Britain from northern Europe. The number of speakers in English between 5-7 million by the end of the sixteenth century, as a result of the spread of the British Empire, and lived most of them in the British Isles. As a…

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  • Narrative Essay: My English Is My Native Language

    English is my native language. Southern English is my dialect. I traveled all over the world, many times over and I have many observations on languages. I grew up in Northern California, son of father from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a mother from Graceville, Florida. Though English was my natural language, but needless to say, I was surrounded by a large variety of dialects. I always said yes sir, yes ma’am to any adult. If called by an adult, I was to answer with “Sir/Ma’am”. I had…

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  • English Language Importance

    Communication is one of the most important thing in today’s world. As we all know English is a global language. Knowing English helps us to communicate with everybody. Right from a small kid to an old person, from the shopkeeper to the company owner. English has risen to become the medium of instruction in most of the countries. English is one of the easiest language to learn and speak. It is one of the very few things in the world that is effective and easy to learn at the same time. Unlike…

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  • Mobile Book Shop Case Study

    Introduction 1.1 Functions of Book Books are very important national development. They play a very important role in communication process. They convey knowledge social and national integration, project cultural values, facilitate the participation of people in development of activities and promote international cooperation development. Reader can learn knowledge from the author through the book (MABOPA, 2015). 1.2 Features of the books 1.2.1 Books are the least “mass” of the mass media…

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  • Should English Be Our National Language

    I, along with many others, believe that English should be our national language. Some think that it is racist to believe that, but I am one of the most non-racist people out there. I don 't see how a country trying to get one language has anything against not liking people of other nationalities. I mean they moved into our country to learn knew things and experience the American way. Right? “Our new immigrants must be part of our one America. After all, they 're revitalizing our cities, they 're…

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