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  • Native Language Essay

    ENL: English as a Native Language is traditionally assumed to be a language that is acquired from birth without formal instruction (versus a language that was learned as a second or later language). ENL is also referred to as L1 (first language), mother tongue, or inner circle variety. An issue with the term “native language” or L1 lies in the fact that it is based on the premise of a monolingual society, whereas many societies are multilingual. In multilingual societies, a child may grow up…

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  • The Importance Of International Language

    economic asset. Rogerson-Revell (2007), of the Centre for English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics at University of Leicester, acknowledged that English is now largely accepted as a lingua franca, used to communicate internationally, and originally spread by commerce. A lingua franca is, in the strictest sense, a language with no native speakers used by those with different languages. Some broader terms, such as English as an International Language, Global English, and…

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  • Essay On Importance Of Speaking English

    English has come a long way. At today, it is at the peak level of it has ever reached before. Speaking English, became a positive label for people. Every person is trying to learn English as a second language. Even some families are trying to make their children native English speaker even while they are still living in their home countries. Moreover, almost every country’s school syllabus has an English course, even at kindergarten schools, they teach English. All these are facts comes from the…

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  • Republic Of India Case Study

    Policies dividing states already troubled by discrimination and gross systemic inequality are perplexing and illogical, more so in countries already plagued by multiple types of division. A special case of this type of rule is the Republic of India, in which the country is divided politically as the cause of different regions taking on different identities through the recognition of multiple languages as being national. This has led to many regions institutionally standardizing different…

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  • Becoming A Language Administrator Research Paper

    language, but it has become my favorite language. Among world languages, English is uniquely flexible and succinct. A noun can be turned into an adjective or a verb, or vice-versa, without losing its expressiveness or beauty. It has become the new lingua franca, due to increasing globalization and English as a second language teachers are in high demand…

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  • Latin Language In The Middle Ages

    (Garnsey 1). But how did the Roman rulers manage to conduct this Roman Empire as a unity, while it contained so many differences? The Romans often behaved as if vernacular languages did not exist, but were sometimes prepared to use Greek as a lingua franca (Adams, preface xix). This meant that the Romans operated in Latin, with some Greek exceptions. While the Roman Empire grew bigger and bigger, so did the Latin language to a point where it became the dominant language in the Western world. But…

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  • Cultural Hegemony In English Essay

    Culture implies a variety of things. It encompasses complex systems of thought and belief across a group. It provides structure to the morality and behavior of a community-not only directing their actions, but providing context as to why they act that way. Naturally, the culture one grows up in helps build their identity, as does the language they speak, the social class they belong to, and the country that breeds them. How atrocious, then, is the act of transforming one’s indigenous culture…

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  • Essay About British Imperialism

    INTRODUCTION Nowadays, language plays a vital role especially in bonding and strengthening the communication relationship with other peoples who are coming from different cultural and religion background. As there are variety of languages in this world and the population of their own mother tongue in the range of thousands to millions, every countries have their own mother tongue for communication purposes with local community. However, due to 19th centuries industrial revolution which began…

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  • The Importance Of English Language In Nigeria

    Some of the consequences of English language being dominant were identified in an article by Mustapha (2014). They are the linguistic and communicative inequality. English Language has created a barrier or hierarchy amongst citizens of Nigeria. We have the elite group who speak “queen’s English”, some who speak “Nigerian English – pidgin” and others who cannot speak English at all. It now becomes difficult to interact with people who are not in your class thereby making English fail at its role…

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  • The Relationship Between Literature And Literature Essay

    or outside their social circles. Language helps to build a bridge between different people of different cultures and nationalities. Talking about English as a language, it is widely used and understood by people across the world because it is a lingua franca, so it acts as a bridge for people to communicate with people different nationalities. Language consists of a number of components for example grammar, sentence structure, punctuation etc. Literature revolves around the use of…

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