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  • Lion Food

    Research Question: Which meat consumed by lions in Kenya posses the most protein and fat? Background Research: Kenya is a country that is home to several lions. As top consumers, lions eat a variety of organisms that are found in their habitats in order to eat their required 15.5 (7.03 kg) pounds of food. In the vast savannahs of Kenya, lions can choose to consume “wildebeest, warthogs, zebras, buffalo, or eland antelopes,” (Kitzmiller, Carrie). Meat is an essential component of a lion’s carnivorous diet as it provides the most significant nutritional components, which are fat, protein, and iron. The two types of fat are unsaturated fat and saturated fat. Unsaturated fat is healthy as it contains essential nutritional components such as…

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  • Compare And Contrast Male Lion And Lion Coalitions

    independent males during their lone years. Nearly 2/3 of all male lion pairs and almost half of all trios contain unrelated partners. Large male coalitions (groups) can always out compete small male groups for the domination of a pride of females. Coalitions may contain as many as nine males, and within the coalition, it is every male for himself. Especially when a female comes into estrus. The following male stays very close to the female for about 4 or 5 days and warns off all his male…

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  • Essay On African Lion

    Common Name: The African lion mainly gives the most common name used to identify the social animal. African lions are very cautious towards each other, prey, and how to live. Taking chances requires strength and mobility for their survival needs. Groups only enhance more of a chance to survive, especially when helping each other out. Scientific Name: The African lion or scientifically named Panthera leo, can be described one of the most achievable predators in the world. Due to large sizes in…

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  • Why Lions Are Cool

    Lions are cool. Do you know what they do at night? Where they Live? Well you will after you read this informational research essay. Did you know that a lion's roar can be heard from about 5 miles away? There are many facts about lions that many people don't know. Some people know how lions act for most of the time. Most of the time we know that lions habitats are in the jungle but are there anymore habitats? Some prey have different predators. Other wise there are many topics about lions you…

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  • Captive Lions Observation

    Enrichment Recommendations Enrichment 1: In this scenario, the captive lions exhibit stereotypic pacing behaviors around feeding times. To address the welfare concern of pacing in these captive lions, I would recommend a change in the way food is presented. Felids engage in appetitive behaviors to obtain their food (Shepherdson et al, 1993), and these behaviors include locating, capturing, killing and consuming their prey (Lindburg, 1988). Varying the method and timing of food delivery by either…

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  • Lion In Yvain

    The prevalence of lions in Medieval European literature raises fascinating notions of its importance and purpose in developing characters. While both the lion in Yvain; or, The Knight with the Lion and The Song of the Cid appear to invoke the fear that comes with seeing a ferocious lion, both books differ in their characterization of the relationship between the lion and the main hero. Yvain’s lion became the knight’s loyal and mighty companion while the Cid’s lion is more of a pet and a plot…

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  • Observation In The Sick Lion

    The importance of observation That why there are only a few wise men and celebrities in the world confuses me all the time. Recently, it has been appearing to be clear after I read The Sick Lion. I draw a conclusion that is the importance of observation. What the story tells about? A lion, unable from old age and infirmities to provide himself with food by force, resolved to do so by artifice. He returned to his den, lying down there, and pretended to be sick, taking care that his sickness…

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  • Lion Of Judah Analysis

    PROFILE Symbol: The Lion of Judah First occurrence in Scripture: Genesis 49:9 In Genesis 49, we have Jacob’s final words to his sons. In verse 9, as he turns his attention to Judah, we see Jacob refer to him as a young lion. In this passage we derive the term Lion of Judah, used to symbolize someone that will eventually grow to rule over the rest of the Family. There seems to be a drawing from some military imagery in the fact of stating Judah had conquered his prey and no one rises to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Lion And Cheetah

    Lion vs.Cheetah Whoa!Look at that fast cheetah, wait look at that lion chasing after it . There are differences and alike traits about lions and cheetahs. Even though lions and cheetahs look alike they are very different. Both lions and cheetahs have similar bodies for a perfect life in the grasslands.The lion can roar loudly as for the cheetah gives off a little cry.You can hear the lions roar from 5 miles away for the cheetah you can barley hear it.A lion it acts as a big…

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  • Examples Of Sexism In The Lion King

    Disney's Lion King is one of the most famous and controversial animated movies of all time. The movie contains some very important aspects of 20th century American culture such as capitalism, racism and sexism. The hidden messages of these delicate aspects for the society make the movie very controversial and criticized in different ways. Antelopes eat the grass and lions eat the antelopes. When lions die, they become the grass. It’s the circle of life, the beautiful simplicity of nature.…

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