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  • Formulation Variables Of Clotrimazole-Loaded Cubic Liquid Crystalline Nannoparticles?

    In our previous report, 21 we investigated the influence of formulation variables of clotrimazole-loaded cubic liquid crystalline nanoparticles. The composition of chitosan tailored cubic nanoparticles was optimized employing central composite design. The findings of Small angle X-ray scattering analysis confirmed the presence of D and P cubic phases in nanoparticles. Most importantly, considerable improvement in mucin binding was observed upon incorporation of chitosan owing to electrostatic interaction between cationic chitosan-tailored cubic nanoparticles and anionic mucin layer of mucosa. The optimal conditions obtained were: fraction of Pluronic F127-8.33% (w/w) and concentration of chitosan- 0.17% (w/w). The optimal chitosan-tailored…

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  • Liquid Chromatography Lab

    High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a separation technique utilizing differences in distribution of compounds in two phases; called the stationary phase and the mobile phase. The stationary phase designates a thin layer created on the surface of fine particles and the mobile phase designates the liquid flowing over the particles. Under a certain dynamic condition, each component in a sample has a different distribution equilibrium depending upon the solubility in the phases and or…

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  • Orifice Plate Essay

    placed in a pipe. When a fluid (either liquid or gaseous) passes through the orifice, its pressure builds up slightly upstream of the orifice. But as the fluid is forced to converge to pass through the hole, the velocity increases & the fluid pressure decreases. Orifice Plate is the heart of the Orifice Meter. It restricts the flow & develops the differential pressure which is proportional to square of flow rate. The flow measuring accuracy entirely depends upon the quality of Orifice plate and…

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  • Lab Report Chemically And Thermodynamic Foam

    INTRODUCTION Chemically and thermodynamically foam is an unstable, dispersed system of entrapment of gaseous molecules in solid or liquid matter. Instability of foam is caused generally due to coalescence, liquid drainage and disproportion of bubbles. Foam being aqueous system can be produced using surfactants available commercially. The types of surfactants used in preparation of aqueous foam influence the foam properties (Eisner et al., 2007; Bhakta and Ruckenstein, 1995). Successful foam…

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  • Importance Of Fun And Creative Arts

    Note this: do not use regular magnets because they do not have the strength to attract the slime. Mix the liquid starch and iron oxide powder in the bowl and stir with the craft sticks until they are mixed perfectly. Add the glue and keep stirring. Take the slime out and start squishing until it is perfectly mixed together. You may wear gloves to avoid staining your hands. Dry the slime with paper towel to drain excess water. Now that the slime is ready, it is play time. get your magnet out and…

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  • Difference Between Heat And Heat Flow

    All fluids have its resistance to relative motion between surfaces and is called Viscosity. This property is about the friction between the particles of a fluid. A fluid that is forced in a tube has the liquid moving faster as it is closer the axis of the tube and slower when farther from it. 3.1.1 Dimensionless Parameters In analysis of convection heat transfer, it is convenient to convert to non-dimensional the governing equations and combine the variables, which makes the group of…

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  • Density And Viscosity Essay

    Lab Report: Density and Viscosity Problem: What is the effect of density on the viscosity of a substance? Hypothesis: Density will affect the viscosity of a liquid. The order of the liquids from most dense to least dense is: syrup, detergent, water, oil Background: Density and viscosity are closey related in which they both affect one and other. Denisty has many factors like weight, mass, and volume. To work cohesivly there are different things we must pay attention to. Density is how closley…

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  • Pump Essay

    3.1.3 Pump A pump is a gadget that moves liquids (fluids or gasses), or once in a while slurries, by mechanical activity. Pumps can be characterized into three noteworthy gatherings as indicated by the technique they use to move the liquid: direct lift, dislodging, and gravity pumps. Pumps work by some component (regularly responding or turning), and expend vitality to perform mechanical work by moving the liquid. Pumps work by means of numerous vitality sources, including manual…

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  • Importance Of Blender

    Introduction A blender generally consists of a plastic or glass pitcher that locks into a large base. Some of blenders are made of stainless steel. The lid of the pitcher has a seal that prevents the food or liquid from splashing out while the blender is in motion. The motor has varying speeds that turn either two or four sharp, stainless steel blades. The blades slice, crush and blend the contents of the pitcher..Blender is a must have kitchen equipment for nearly all families today, especially…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Ice Skating

    a complex case. In Chemistry, we generally refer to three states of matter when trying to describe a substance; solid, liquid, and gas. Each of these three states of matter has their own properties and behaviors.…

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