Lisa del Giocondo

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Painting Analysis

    artist Leonardo da Vinci produced what is perhaps the utmost famous painting in the history of Western art. The net worth of the painting is in the billions of dollars. The art quality produced looks comparable to a real person and it is a portrait of a woman named Lisa Gherardini she was married to Francesco Del Giocondo. The smile of the woman remains quite a mystery to countless people it is dated back to the 16th century before painter Leonardo da Vinci died. The painting was done using oil, which was common during this century. Descriptive The painting is a shocking one and after standing in line for 2 hours to observe it. One should definitely catch a glimpse at it in order to appreciate its full beauty. The painting…

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  • Theme Of Conflict In The Smile

    tells us Tom could possibly live in 2061. from what Grigsby ,the man that defended Tom, nobody knows what the time really is because time has slipped away. As Grigsby says “ Could be 3000 or 5000, for all we know” (22) I think that when civilization first broke down they did not keep record of the year and know people have to guess what time it really is. I think that they could be in what used to be france because of the location of the Mona Lisa but, their location is never released; it only…

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  • Pearl Earrings Reflection

    We are to watch the movie, “A Girl with a Pearl Earrings”, by the director Peter Weber, that was filmed in 2003. The movie is based on Johannes Vermeer, the famous artist’s life and what is the story behind his painting of the girl with the pearl earrings. The movie is quit modest with the way it presented that period of time with the way they dressed to the way they spoke. It also focused of how art was important, precious and a luxury to attain. It addresses the tough life of people that…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci: Curiosity And The Desire For Beauty

    The figure of the woman within the painting and her appearance are the most important feature of the painting. The Mona Lisa looks both pleasant and vague, like a human, but with unnatural features. And although other observers view the Mona Lisa differently, the most frequent point of interest is the curiosity behind the reason for her smile. The expression of the Mona Lisa appears detached yet makes you drawn to the painting. If you gaze at the painting long enough it seems as if the smile…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci's The Mona Lisa

    young child, he received very little education, but his artistic talents, despite any formal training, were apparent very early on. This is what led him, at the age of fourteen, to begin an apprenticeship with Andrea del Verrocchio, a prominent artist at the time, in Florence. When he was twenty years old, da Vinci moved on from being merely an apprentice and established his own workshop. Da Vinci was keenly interested in the human body, and, thus, his paintings always centered on humanity and…

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  • How Leonardo Da Vinci Changed The World

    renaissance. He was famous for being a painter, architect, musician, inventor, sculptor and scientist. Leonardo Da Vinci was mostly known for his paintings and inventions back in the renaissance era and is still very much famous today from the paintings of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. Some may also say that Leonardo was a revolutionary of his time. Many people say that because of all of his accomplishments and inventions he has under his belt. Leonardo invented so many things that changed…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci And Leonardo Da Vinci: The World Of Art

    mass production and conformity. As well as the message the work conveys there is also another key point to the piece, that being unlike most of his other works that were done in his signature silk-screening process Warhol hand painted all 32 cans. Alas even Warhol 's best could not hold a candle to Da Vinci 's undeniable masterpiece. The piece in question is the undeniable Mona Lisa, Da Vinci 's master piece is the most recognizable piece of art on the planet. The mere mention of the Mona Lisa…

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  • Leonardo As A Renaissance Man

    Again located at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, the portrait attracts about “six million visitors per year.” We have yet to figure out the exact story of and to completely solve the mystery behind the Mona Lisa and why the world is so fascinated with this painting, but maybe the intense amount of unknown is just the cause. It could just as well be Leonardo Da Vinci’s immense talent and care when it comes to this and other…

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  • Comparing Leonardo Da Vinci's Life And Art

    Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) is a standout amongst the most interesting identities ever. Prepared in Florence as a painter and stone carver in the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio (1435–1488), Leonardo is additionally celebrated for his experimental commitments. Leonardo 's interest and unquenchable yearn for learning never left him. He was continually watching, testing, and designing, and drawing was, for him, an apparatus for recording his examination of nature. Albeit finished works by…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci: The Last Supper And Mona Lisa

    century. Born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy, Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, mathematician, inventor, and writer. He was a leading artist and intellectual of the Italian Renaissance who 's known for his famous works around the world, "The Last Supper" and "Mona Lisa." Da Vinci is credited for the technique of Sfumato, which is the softening of colors and edges…

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