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  • The Importance Of Binge Viewing

    constantly searching for something to do. Fortunately, binge-watching can provide a glorious solution to boredom. Binge-watching is defined as the act of watching multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession. According to many Thomas Jefferson students, the top ten binge-watching shows are: Modern Family: Leading the pack, Modern Family has been raved upon for being a hilarious family comedy. First airing in September of 2009, the mockumentary now has seven seasons featuring the lives of Jay Pritchett and his family, all of whom live in suburban Los Angeles. The Office: The Office has a similar light-hearted feeling and mockumentary style as Modern Family and has earned a…

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  • The Truman Show

    Adorno and Horkeimer many years ago claimed “culture today is infecting everything with sameness” (94). The Social Network and The Truman Show are films made 12 years apart focusing on different mediums one being reality television the other being social networking, yet they both contain the same ideologies regarding gender. Both films promote the same ideologies from the base of its makers to the characters within he film. Each film features and is created by white men, while women are shown as…

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  • Kid Of The 90s Kid Research Paper

    An article gets shared on my Facebook Wall, BuzzFeed: 25 Ways To Tell You Are A Kid Of The ‘90s. #1 the list; “In West Philadelphia Born And Raised”. If you can’t finish the next verse or at least tell me what show this is from you are not a “ ‘90s kid!” I will save you from the suspense, “Alex Trebeck, what is The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air?”. Actually, 9 of the 25 items on the list are television shows. 9 different shows that I watched for entertainment are on the most accessible form of…

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  • Ethical Factors Affecting The Television Industry

    It is apparent that the internet has become a vital part in everyday life, thus affecting all media sectors. For example, television programmes are more accessible worldwide due to streaming websites whereas previously, audiences would have to wait for the programme to be scheduled live on television. The objective of my study is to research the consequences that the television industry will face due to the rise in popularity of the internet. In recent years, piracy has become a major threat and…

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  • Reality Tv Manipulation Essay

    Manipulating Reality Reality TV lacks on one important factor that reality TV should incorporate, and that is reality. Many television programs full of high entertainment and creativity are full of lies and as well. Most television producers and directors edit conversations and persuade the stars to make certain decisions. Although there is no written script for the show, that doesn’t stop TV workers from altering reality. LifeTime’s popular reality TV program about the life of a…

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  • Analysis Of Gangbusters

    Radio Ratings, 1932-1953: A History of Prime Time Programs Through the Ratings of Nielsen, Crossley and Hooper by Jim Ramsburg one can review the large amount of support that the show had. Ramsburg, when discussing the show briefly mentioned that “Gangbusters” would repeatedly rank on the Top 50 list for Network Radio’s Golden List. In its inaugural year “Gangbusters” would be placed on the top 10 list for the night that it aired. It would also place twentieth on the top 50 shows of the year.…

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  • Most Enduring Contribution To Culture Essay

    false idea to people that your real life problems can be solved within twenty-two-minutes just like in sitcoms on television. People are expected to solve their problems in quicker amounts of time like in sitcoms even in real life situations. 2. List two ways in which the TV serves a “teaching” role in culture. (1) Two ways in which the TV serves a “teaching” role in culture is by being an electronic baby-sitter and a teacher. Parents of young children use TV as a baby-sitter because children…

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  • Review: Watching TV Makes You Smarter By Steven Johnson

    Engel AP English 11- 2 March 29, 2015 Pop Culture - Television: article responses • Watching TV Makes You Smarter by Steven Johnson 1. Steven Johnson calls his theory -- that the “most debased forms of mass diversion” (para. 4) turn out to be good for us, after all the “Sleeper Curve” after a scene in a Woody Allen movie. How does using one form of popular culture examine another form affect Johnson’s argument? Johnson, by naming “the sleeper curve” after a Woody Allen movie, alludes and…

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  • Summary Of When Reality TV Gets To Real

    A) When Reality TV Gets To Real By Victor Weimar Gade Summary of When Reality TV Gets Too Real by Jeremy W. Peters In the text When Reality TV Gets Too Real, Jeremy W. Peters discuss the ethics in not intervening in possibly unsafe situations happening on reality television. He lists up quite a few incidents, about the immoral actions and various crimes that have been taking place in different Reality programs. Some of the vaster crimes shown in the episodes are drunk driving, which have been…

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  • Reality Television's Negative Effects On Young Women

    Previous research has found that television may negatively affect the body image of young women. Tiggerman and Pickering (1996) found that these effects did not just come from the amount of television viewed, but they could also come from the appearance-focused shows. Studies have shown that body dissatisfaction can be seen in girls as young as the age six years (Dohnt & Tiggemann, 2006; Tiggemann & Wilson-Barrett, 1998). This is what led researchers to come to the conclusion that the amount of…

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