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  • Gender Roles In Popular Culture

    If a movie or television show in today’s society were to bash a certain race, desecrate women, or outwardly reject the LGBT community, would it gain a positive response? Of course not, this is 2016! In order for popular culture outlets to appeal to modern viewers, the content must remain current; from movies to television shows, society expects them to keep up with the times. Therefore, popular culture provides a reflection of changing attitudes regarding a multitude of social constructs. Where the public stands regarding topics such as racial diversity, gender roles, and the LGBT movement can easily be determined by simply taking a stroll to the cinema or even flipping on the television. Perhaps the strongest example of popular culture’s…

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  • Television's Impact On Popular Culture

    1. Television, movies, or music? The three vehicles mentioned above have a huge impact on popular culture and society. Television is the visual element, movies being what I would call the edited visual element and music the element that you hear. Of those three vehicles, television has the greatest impact on politics. Television is used to broadcast news, events, and updates regarding everything happening in our society. Rather it is something that has went viral online, or an after math of a…

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  • Summary: The Representation Of Animals In Popular Culture

    Popular culture takes many forms such as literature, movies, novelties, clothing and fads, and live entertainment. American popular culture has changed over time along with its representation of animals. Animals have been depicted as threats, victims, national symbols, celebrities and companions. Their depictions are dependent on time, place, and historical context. The whale is a prompt example of how the representation of animals may change over time, history and location. In the 19th century,…

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  • Popular Culture And Pop Culture

    Sociology is not only a study of diversification or shared characteristic among individuals, but it is a scientific study of society, and human behavior. it examines the patterns of social relationships, social interaction, culture, and how these factors elicit responses. Pop culture is a culture found in an extensive society of individuals. Popular culture is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture. They share…

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  • Zombies In Popular Culture

    “terrorism, ethnic conflict, nuclear proliferation, and the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Specifically, the zombie metaphor creates an intellectual space unencumbered by preexisting political biases” (3). As a fictional construct in film and literature, any political assumptions on acceptable foreign policy strategies against a zombie outbreak… In popular culture, zombies are used to create a fictional lens in order to see the real problems of world. In Max Brooks’s novel World War Z, one is able to…

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  • Women In Popular Culture

    Women spend their whole lives trying to find who they are and who they want to be; they build on their self-confidence, beauty and intelligence. People find it extremely easy to define women in popular culture by identifying them by race, ethnicity, class and their sexual orientation. On social media women actions are misperceived and judges frequently. When society is viewing women they also portray them by their images they display on social media. Women are attacked more on social media than…

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  • Satan In Popular Culture

    Satan represents everything God is not. He is evil, murderous, a liar, and a tempter. He is one of the biggest influences in the bible, manipulating people to choose sin. However, his character is never fully revealed, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. Popular culture has come to answer these questions by creating satanic figures for contemporary audiences. In this essay I will mainly be using a ‘world in, and in front of the text’ approach to analyse how Satan’s appearance and attributes…

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  • Popular Culture Essay

    The term ‘popular culture’ refers to a culture built on what the general public desires opposed to the elite class that usually have the control. This applies to things within society such as music, food, fashion, even religion. Whether someone considers themselves to be religious or not, it affects their life in numerous ways. If someone is religious, they most likely participate in religious rituals, practices and makes life decisions with their faith in mind. On the contrary, if someone is…

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  • American Popular Culture Analysis

    to establish the American popular culture. Though many owned radio and read newspapers, nearly 90 percent of Americans owned at least one television in the 1950s. With the loyalty of a tuned in audience, provided the ability for marketers to dictate or educate them on the values of the society they lived in. In this essay, I will examine television programs, journal articles, historical documents and scholarly books. I will explore the part television played in shaping popular culture in the…

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  • Popular Culture Analysis

    the simplest things, entertainment. Popular culture refers to mediums of entertainment that are widely accepted and accessed while society’s values refers to the collective ideas and thought processes in one society at one time. Popular culture projects a perfect reflection of society 's values, forging this reflection through a two-fold method. It alters the social values of the society it interacts with and society 's values shape the popular…

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