Population ecology

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  • Chlamydomonas And Blue-Green Algae Experiment Hypothesis

    Competition Of Chlamydomonas and Blue-Green Algae For Resources In The Campus Lake General Research Question: Will competition affect resources available in the Campus Lake? Population Ecology Experiment Null Hypothesis: The presence of Blue-Green Algae will not have an effect on the Chlamydomonas population. Alternative Hypothesis: The presence of Blue-Green Algae will have an effect on the Chlamydomonas population. Community Ecology Experiment Null Hypothesis: Nitrate concentration will not have an effect on chlorophyll levels in the Campus Lake. Alternative Hypothesis: Nitrate concentration will have an effect on chlorophyll levels in the Campus Lake. Methods Population Experiment First, nine test tubes were obtained. One test tube…

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  • Similarities Between Mumbai And Beijing

    of the same problems. One major problem both cities have is their populations. Both cities have large populations and continue to grow. Beijing is seen as the more modern global city with huge technology and financial industries; additionally it is the capital of China. Mumbai is developing into a global city and will become quite important in the future as it has an emerging market and dominates India in many sectors. One thing that sets Mumbai apart from other emerging global cities is what it…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Conservation Biology

    In conservation biology, it is one of the main goals to determine MVP (minimum viable population) and reserve size. These estimates that are produced via simulation, are valuable in the sense as grizzly populations are often endangered or threatened, and their population has been declining for a number of years (Wielgus, 2001). Although the population is declining, it is still legal in North America to hunt these endangered species, as trophy hunting and is believed to be beneficial or…

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  • Population In Australia Essay

    Introduction Are we too big? Can we cope with up to 38 million people? Good Morning Tony Abbott and ministers, in the next seven or so minutes, three new babies will be born, two people will pass away, and six people will migrate to Australia. Australia is experiencing a large population boom which can effect our economic prosperity, livability and environmental sustainability. If however managed adequately a growing population’s impacts can be reduced and possibly eliminated, thus providing a…

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  • Population Dynamic Lab Report On Marine Populations

    Population Dynamic Lab Report Purpose: Analyze graphs to determine the population size of two marine species. Explain how predation, birth, and death rates impact marine populations. Describe how biotic and abiotic factors influence marine populations. Research: 1. Prey Initial Size: The starting number of prey. (Assume that the seals have an unlimited amount of food.) 2. Prey Growth Rate: The birth rate of the prey. The larger the growth rate, the faster the prey population will increase.…

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  • Ecology In Aldo Leopold's Thinking Like A Mountain

    What is the difference between economy and ecology? By definition, the economy is the management of household affairs, especially expenses, thrifty and efficient use of resources; frugality in expenditures, and the structure of economic life in an area or a period (Miriam Webster). Ecology is a branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their environment, the totality or pattern of relations between organisms and their environment (Miriam Webster). Although these two…

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  • Role Of Globalization In Nigeria

    America and Nigeria and two entirely different countries. America is a developed country, who has one of the best economies in the world. Nigeria is a developing country who has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. Even though America and Nigeria are almost different of countries, they both face problems in their populations, urban patterns, and globalization. Both Nigeria and America have fast growing populations, but for two different reasons. While Nigeria faces the problems…

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  • Social Systems: Environmental And Social Impacts Of Society

    the world was creating new technologies that enhanced the farmers crops, which spiked the population size. Disease was more common in civilizations than it was previously because of the increase population density (Chiras, D. D., 2016). Chemicals are used on crops, which can hurt the soil, air, and animal population around the agriculture. Some of the biggest reasons that this type of society hurts that environment is because of poor agriculture, overgrazing, and excessive timber cutting…

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  • Overpopulation In Social Media

    by Matt Rosenberg, between 2010 and 2015, the crude birth rate, defined as the amount of births for 1,000 people, was 19.4. The crude death rate, on the other hand, was 8.1. With the birth rate being over twice as fast as the death rate, it is indeed possible that overpopulation will occur, and the amount of land provided by Earth will be insufficient to house all of its inhabitants. Since most people that live on Earth already are uninfluential on social media, especially the 5.165 billion…

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  • Link Between Ecological Changes And Political Ecology By Blaikie And Brookfield

    used in the studies of political ecology by Blaikie and Brookfield (EVSP620, 2016). An example of a conceptual framework that exemplifies a link between ecological changes and political-economic forces are displayed in Figure I (Scoones, 1998). Figure I displays the relationship between livelihood, organizations/institutions, and sustainability. The model is used to derive five types of analyses. The first analysis that can be derived from this model is the contextual analysis of trends,…

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