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  • The City Of Harrisonburg: The Friendly City

    Immerge Writing Test Mark Lipinski 1 Harrisonburg: The Friendly City Located in the center of the scenic and charming Shenendoah Valley sits the gem of a city known as Harrisonburg. A fine city with a big heart and a history that predates the Constitution. Harrisonburg has been in a boom and it shows no sign of slowing, with continued business and residential investment in the city and its future. Harrisonburg is a great place for you to live. Harrisonburg packs a lot of wonderful food options in its small stature. You will never get bored with the shear range of options, form a quick burger from Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint, to classier dress up fine dining at Local Chop and Grill house, and you can even a sweet ice cream treat…

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  • Bikeways In The City Of Wildomar City

    Driving though the small rural town of Wildomar, California, plenty of cars and motorcycles are regularly speeding down the streets. What you will likely not observe is a person riding a bike. Not unlike many cities in the region, automobiles are the transportation of choice. Driving a car is generally more time efficient, comfortable and you can haul more people and items at one time. The negative aspects to so many people choosing automobiles as the only form of transportation for…

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  • Cultural Differences Between Cities And Cities

    A city is a place where a large population resides for the permanent period of time. A city’s importance depends upon the size, location, and structure of the area. Cities have highly organized population, which is comparatively bigger than a town or village. A city can provide different opportunities to know about the culture and language. A city is a good place to continue with further education and to find a suitable job. A city can provide government facilities for its people which makes…

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  • Garden City Vs Radiant City

    is undeniable that prosperity and advancement in terms of security and healthcare are major requirements to many people living in cities. What comes after this is the question of what safe city should be like and the answers may vary. Throughout 19th century, there were many ideals of a healthy city represented. Urban planners were urged to solve the problems of big cities and provide better lives for its residents. These problems included low-quality of living condition as a result from noises,…

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  • Gentrification In A City

    of their beloved homes – homes where they built a family and a community. I think that the idea of gentrification is and should be accepted but when done so in moderation. I think too much change at once can be traumatic and in the long run more negative than positive. With a city such as Los Angeles the idea of gentrification becomes difficult and controversial because it is such a big and beautiful city filled with history but it’s also filled with a lot of poverty. The idea…

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  • Difference Between A Healthy City And A Feverish City

    secure place. A city will provide all to satisfy our needs; however, when we want more beyond a natural limit, we are changing the city substantially and making it fatter. The distinction between desires and necessities creates different cities. As Socrates, a character form Plato’s Republic, stated that everyone has their own natural abilities, and needs are fundamental to a city, but our excessive desires will change the simplicity of the city. “Now, the first and greatest of our needs is…

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  • Garden City Essay

    4.1 CITY LEVEL INITIATIVES: 4.1.1 Chandigarh: Chandigarh has more than 35% of its geographical area under forests, parks and trees covers making it one of the greenest cities of the country. It is one of the modern planned cities of India. Chandigarh has a geographical area of about 140 sq,km, has a population of about 10,54,686 according to 2011 census and density around 7912 persons/ The per capita availability of green space is around 55 sq.m and the number of green spaces in terms of…

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  • Chicago City Description

    Chicago began as a city based mainly on commerce based on its location alongside the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. As a result of these two natural landmarks, its location was only logical for setting up a crossroad between the West and the East, as well as an area of trading between the natives and settlers. Over time however, Chicago will keep its label as a city based on commerce however will begin a transition towards a true modern city for residents that can even rival the likes of New…

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  • Ancient Greek City

    A typical Greek city was built around a fortified hill, called an "acropolis". Here was located the city's chief temple, the city's treasury, and some other public buildings. At the centre of the city was the "Agora" - the central space where public meetings were held, and where traders set up their stalls. The agora was often flanked by colonnades. Most industrial production took place in small workshops. Family members plus some slaves would make up the workforce in most of these. However,…

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  • Singapore: Biophilic City

    Singapore: Biophilic City, explores the development and changes the city of Singapore has undergone to become an innovative biophilic city. The intended audience for this documentary is most likely people who are interested in urban development. In addition, this documentary could also be intended for people interested or studying sustainability. The documentary presented the positive attributes of creating a biophilic city, such as improving the lives of its population through healthy means, a…

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