Civil partnership in the United Kingdom

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  • Social Contract Case Study

    partner can seek dissolution of the partnership instead. One of the main differences which might appear significant is the fact that adultery is not a ground for dissolution. However, the fact of irrational behaviour is a ground for dissolution, and the court is likely to find sexual unfaithfulness to be unreasonable behaviour. It seems therefore that only very rarely indeed will the legal difference have this significance. In the case of Lawrence v Gallagher (2012) was the first report which dealt with finance issues about dissolution of a civil partnership. The Court of Appeal confirmed that the approach based on same principles of the division of assets on divorce can be concluded…

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  • The Equality Act 2010

    Equality Act was enacted on 1st of October, 2010 by the government of the UK. This Act covers over 116 different legislations for providing a comprehensive legal framework to safeguard the individual’s rights and provide equal opportunity to everyone. This single Act ensures equal employment accessibility to public and private services, without differentiating the individuals on the basis of protected characteristics such as age, gender, physical or mental disability, marriage or civil…

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  • New Look Swot Analysis

    New Look New Look, Private Limited Company, is a British global fashion retailer. It was founded by Tom Singh in wellington, Somerset, United Kingdom in 1969. Since the founding the company has expanded and now have more than 852 stores globally, including countries like Belgium, France, South Korea, Arab Emirates, Russia, and others, 759 of the stores are operated directly by New Look Group Limited, and the rest are operated by franchise partners, with over 30,000 staff in total. And they are…

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  • US-US Relationship

    The relationship between the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) is made special by its virtual removal of the possibility of conflict between the two nations. It lives within an individualistic security system in which these states share collective meanings that provide them mutually understood identities and interests, increasing the possibility of collective action during a time of active threats. Because of this process of socialization, the United States and the United Kingdom…

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  • Three Kinds Of Agency In The Case Of Watteau V Fenwick

    The civil court handles all the cases of legal issues, right and duties between persons. ‘The criminal court determines the guilt and punishment for conduct that is outlawed by the State.’ (Black, 2008) The Civil Court is further divided into the Sherriff Court, the Court of Session and the Supreme Court of United Kingdom. The Court of Session, located in Edinburgh, is the highest civil court in the country of Scotland. It holds jurisdiction over all of Scotland and is a first instance as well…

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  • British Airways Pest Analysis

    organizations can be very slow. Maintenance of the organization can be tedious since it’s a large organization. MERITS DEMERITS • Prices for the services that are provided by the government are usually low so that the public can afford the services • Decision-making and implementation in public organisations can be very slow due to the size of the organisation • Public organisations are large in size since they provide services to the entire nation. Many employees are hired for the working of…

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  • The Importance Of The Human Rights Act

    have a clear understanding of why it was implemented. This paper will then go onto discuss the Equality Act 2010 and delve deeper into finding out why it was introduced in the United Kingdom. Finally, this essay will then explore the role of the Disability Discrimination Act, in particular how it relates to people with disability in the context…

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  • Examples Of Age Discrimination In The Workplace

    replace the older employee other than the act of the employer own preference to deliver a younger person voice to its customers. This type of behavior and unfairness is protected under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which was incorporated for older people and the issue they may encounter in the workforce. Second, example, a job promotion is given to a younger person due to management feels that the older employee, who is fully capable of performing the responsibilities of the…

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  • Constitutionalism Vs Democracy

    This essay aims to briefly discuss the idea that - though the theory of Constitutionalism qualifies and limits democracy, it is not incompatible with democracy, as a Constitution derives its authority from the People who are sovereign. This essay discusses this idea in the light of democratic theory and in relation to the constitutional development of the United States of America. In doing so, this essay briefly discusses the concepts of ‘Democracy’ and ‘Constitutionalism’ and highlights the…

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  • NHS Benchmarker Analysis

    statements that describe the standards of professional conduct and practise require of them as they go about their daily work, (, 2010). NHS CONSTITUTION: The NHS provides a comprehensive service, available to all irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, sexual orientation, religion, belief, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, marital or civil partnership status. It is designed to diagnose, treat and improve physical and mental health. It also has a duty to every…

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