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  • Homosexuality

    Is Homosexuality biologically based? This is a question that is gaining major interest and research as the number of homosexuals is increasing. Homosexuals are defined as either males who are sexual oriented toward other males or females being sexually oriented toward other females; sexual orientation being defined as “a preference for [either] same-sex [or] opposite sex sexual attraction and attachment”, this may or may not involve intercourse (Rahman & Wilson, 2003). Researchers are on the hunt to discover whether or not homosexuality can be derived genetically from parental chromosomes or defects in the brain. In essence, brain function involves many steps in which genetic information is translated into the phenotype of a person who subsequently…

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  • Homosexuality Vs Homosexuality

    One of the main stances for the opposing opinion is that marriage has always been between a man and a woman through the eyes of religions that oppose homosexuals. The religious views of homosexuality do not take into account the evidence that it begins at a microscopic level instead of being a sin. This view separates our society by sexuality, causing inequality, which in turn makes the lives of homosexuals more difficult. This country has stood…

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  • Viewpoint Of Homosexuality

    Biblical Viewpoint of Homosexuality When viewing homosexuality from a Biblical perspective, it is easy to see that the practice of having sex while being gay or lesbian is a sin. In Leviticus 18 verse 22 it says, "Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable" (Leviticus 18:22, New International Version). This verse makes it ever so clear that the practice of having sex with the same gender is sinful and is detestable to God. It is important to note…

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  • Contradictions Of Homosexuality

    The contradictions within Christianity in regards to homosexuality have a strong hold over how homosexuality is viewed. God created Eve from Adam’s rib cage to symbolize he made man for woman and vice versa. Therefore, in this context, homosexuality is wrong. This is when the contradictions begin to come in. Aren’t we supposed to love all of God’s children? Aren’t all sins equivalent - no sins are greater or lesser than any others? Isn’t it true that no one has a right to judge any of God’s…

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  • The Evolution Of Homosexuality

    Homosexuality has existed throughout history. Writings from ancient greek authors, poets and philosophers provide evidence supporting the idea that homosexual behavior was not uncommon. From an evolutionist perspective, this presents a paradox. Homosexuality goes against the idea of reproductive success as an adaptive measure of human evolution. Kirkpatrick (2000) asserted that homosexual behavior has existed throughout all cultures. For example, Melanesian, Tahitian, Hawaiian, African,…

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  • Homosexuality And Religion

    The Catholic church views marriage as having two purposes, one being procreation, and the other being as a unity between the two sexes (68). Homosexuality does not apply to this view of marriage as homosexual couples cannot reproduce and it is only a unity between one sex. To push one’s views on sexuality onto another is immoral. People who force their religious views onto others do not think of the suffering that they put people through when they force their beliefs on sexual orientation onto…

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  • The Reasons Of Homosexuality

    Homosexuality have existed going back to 600 BC or maybe even longer. It was never accepted in cultures all over the world until 2000. In recent years the United States has legally accepted by the Supreme Court. The reasoning behind why it never accepted has various different reasons. Some of them is tied into religion, taboo due to norms, or from and individual’s personality. In history we can see that because of some major reasons homosexuals have been discriminated to the point there are…

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  • Definition Of Homosexuality

    Homosexuality Is a Choice Homosexuality is the sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one 's own sex. The term gay is frequently used referring to a homosexual; female homosexuality is often referred to as lesbianism ("Homosexuality Definition | Dictionary.com"). More common is heterosexuality which is a sexual feeling or behavior directed toward a person or persons of the opposite sex ("Heterosexuality | Definition of Heterosexuality at Dictionary.com:"). Today…

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  • Homosexuality In America

    Millions of homosexuality’s in the world are not being accepted. The Western and Eastern (Indian) Culture have different points of view on how relationships should be based (Ruth, 2010). This paper will examine the various differentials and similarities of homosexual within its community and religions. Numerous years of protest has successfully made homosexuality’s in America successful. Homosexuality Views in America and India Introduction Every culture and religion is different in its…

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  • Kallman On Homosexuality

    One of the first studies on testing homosexuality using twins was in 1952 by Frantz Kallman. Kallman’s study had 85 sets of twins. 40 sets out of 85 sets of those twins were monozygotic (identical twins) and the other 45 sets of twin were dizygotic (not identical twins). This study also included 112 individuals who were not twins but were homosexual and it also included 116 employees from Kallman psychiatric institute. All of the homosexual people either came from his psychiatric institutions or…

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