Same-sex marriage

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  • Same Sex Marriage Controversy

    be affected. There have been many cultural and social movements that have trended on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. #LoveWins was one of the top 10 viral hashtags of 2015. It was a social movement that started on June 26th, 2015, when the United States became the 21st country to legalize same sex marriage nationwide. Even though same sex marriage is now legalized, severals are still fighting against this. There have been many arguments and debates on social media regarding same sex marriage, with some being “pro-gay marriage” and others being “anti-gay marriage”.…

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  • Same Sex Marriage In Australia

    decades. So, what is the issue when legalising same-sex marriage? The issue is the government. The public although divided on the topic, have a majority of supporting votes. Currently in Australia the legal definition of marriage is “the union of a man and a woman to the exclusions of all other, voluntarily entered into for life.” This needs to change to allow equal rights to all Australians regarding marriage. Individuals that have a vested interest in the issue and the outcomes of same-sex…

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  • Gay Marriage: The Consequences Of Same-Sex Marriage

    Same-sex marriage will be accepted Did you ever experienced that your love is different from others and the love is not allowed by law or accepted by others? In 2004, same-sex marriage had been banned in 11 states after Massachusetts recognized same-sex marriage; some company, such as Christian school, reject or fire those people who have same-sex marriage. After ten years struggle, the situation of the same-sex marriage has been much better, which are a lot of states recognized same-sex…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

    year of marriage equality because that same-sex marriage has become legal nationwide in the U.S. On June 26, state-level bans of same-sex marriage were judged as violating the Equal Protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by the United State Supreme Court. On the other words, same-sex couples got the legally protected right of getting married as well as what different-sex couples have in the U.S from that time on. Traditionally, marriage is a matter of couples…

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  • Same Sex Marriage And Yes Ad

    The ads of proposition 8 both portrayed a different message of whether same sex marriage should continue to be valid or recognized in California. A yes vote on this measure means that citizens are against recognizing same sex marriage in California. The yes ad on proposition 8 portrays the idea of recognizing same sex marriage as something that will cause multiple consequences such as impacting churches, children, adoption, etc. The participants of the ad use strong vocabulary to show that same…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

    Court of the United States declared that same-sex marriage is a protected right of the United States Constitution in all 50 states. Before this decision, gay marriage was only legal in 37 states and Washington DC, but was not allowed in the other thirteen. The public opinion in our country has changed substantially over the past 10 years or so, from 27% approval of same-sex marriage in 1996 to 60% in 2015. Proponents of this controversial topic say that preventing homosexuals from marrying is…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage

    they were insulted, discriminated, beaten and isolated from society. They were the ones being shamed for what they were, and made to believe that what they felt towards another individual was morally wrong and against humanity. Over the past decades same-sex relations were never considered, until same-sex marriage was approved as law in all 50 states. This had allowed the threshold of gay rights to become expanded; resulting in many gay marriages at a certain period, (this is presented by the…

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  • Same Sex Marriage Debate Summary

    In the video, “Republican chokes up at Gay Marriage Debate in Washington”, Republican State Representative Maureen Walsh speaks in support of same-sex marriages in front of her colleagues during the debate on the legalization of same-sex marriage which took place in Washington D.C., on February, 8, 2012. During her speech, Maureen Walsh delivers three intimate and moralizing stories to impress upon her colleagues the idea that denying marriage because of sexual orientation is against human…

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  • Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage

    This argument is not valid and hence unsound. The first two premises are not in agreement with the third premise. The first two are in agreement with heterosexual marriages but the third argument is a contradiction of the first two. Arguments against same-sex marriage concentrate on four themes: Same-sex marriage is contrary to custom, tradition, or nature; according to ethics, people in the society have not accepted the marriage of the same sex. It is a distortion of the true meaning or…

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  • Same Sex Marriage Case Summary

    make a profit. The article discusses the legal struggle of Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, a Lakewood, Colorado bakery, his stance on same-sex marriage and the effects on his business. Mr. Phillips was requested by Charlie Craig and David Mullins (a same-sex couple) to bake a wedding cake for them. According to Mr. Phillips, who is a born-again Christian, he cannot and will not design desserts for same-sex weddings. Mr. Phillips cites his Christian beliefs in that it would be a…

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