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  • Sampling Strategy And Sample Size For A Quantitative Research Plan

    Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Quantitative Research Plan Introduction When a researcher is constructing a sampling method, the questions about the population where the sample will come from and the size of the sample to be used come into play for the purpose of seeking statistical validity (Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 2008). Parahoo (2014) explains that, in order for sampling method or strategy to be considered credible, defining the population to be sampled, type of sampling, sample size, sampling mistakes and how the bias and errors will be controlled is essential. My study question is seeking to find whether there is relationship between use of barcode medication administration (BCMA) system and the cases of medication errors reported from inpatient nursing units. In this paper, the population of interest is identified; sampling method discussed and determination of sample size is explored. Population The target population in this study will be a group of nurses drawn from two neighboring hospitals with a total of 1,240 inpatient beds and whom their role includes administering medications to patients. This will be carried out in two parts, before and after the implementation of barcode medication administration (BCMA) technology system. The data collected through this group will be used to draw conclusion whether or not the BCMA technology has any significant effects on patients’ safety (medication errors). Population Size According to American Hospital…

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  • Sample Case Analysis: Case 10.1 Motive Power Company

    Sample Case Analysis (Case 10.1) First read the case carefully. In this instance Cregg Hart is interested in knowing if the rivet diameter from a potential new supplier is the same as the diameter from their existing supplier. This lends itself naturally to do a confidence interval or suitable confidence level, say 95% or do a hypothesis test assuming the mean diameters from the two suppliers are the same. Next open the Excel file which you can download from CANVAS Excel files and into…

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  • Soil Analysis Lab

    sampling in determining soil nutrient levels. Soil samples collected from Flinders Campus were used to determine their pH, salinity, ammonium, nitrate, phosphate, and nitrite levels. Introduction Unless there is a specific problem detected, the most common reason for undertaking soil analysis is to detect the levels of essential nutrients (Guo, 2009). The commonly analysed nutrients in most samples submitted to the laboratory include macronutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen as…

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  • Article: Eating Cigaretity. Why Or Why Not?

    individual or group being selected for testing is known. Simple random sampling is when every member of a population has an equal chance of being selected, stratified random sampling is when a population is divided into similar groups based on something and each group has a chance of being selected. Cluster sampling occurs when the researcher chooses from already formed groups and selecting groups at random, tests the entire group selected. . Non-Probability sampling is used when the probability…

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  • North Side Domestic Violence Case Study

    recording and connecting domestic violence occurrences across police districts. Utilizing this database the previous domestic violence study established a representation of incidents, attrition and actions of police across four police stations and in relation to four time periods – November 2007, January 2008, March 2008 and May 2008. The follow up study developed 695 perpetrator longitudinal outlines and analyzed the 1,890 incidents associated with these people. The 695 profiles comprised…

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  • Analysis Of Arbonne International Organic Skin Care Products

    in-depth interviews distributed to our primary consumers, millennials aged between eighteen and twenty-four years old. The first tactic that we recommend for our client is providing a sample product with every purchase made online. This tactic involves many research method components for further growth of product knowledge, brand knowledge, and of course sales. This tactic also involves a post survey and a purchase increase experiment. Before this tactic can be executed though, the customer…

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  • Merck Swot Analysis

    Merck’s vision is to make a difference in the lives of people globally with their medications, vaccines, and consumer health and animal products. Use of his philosophy keeps Merck a leader in keeping people well while providing top innovative solutions for tomorrow. The organizational values for Merck are to improve human life, ethics, integrity, innovation, and diversity as a team. Merck, also trading as MSD (outside Canada and the United States of America) and Merck KGaA (in Germany), has a…

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  • Pesky Pesticide Analysis

    can remain high due to runoff, and wind deposits. The soil depth must also be considered. The surface soil will have the highest concentration. As the pesticide leaches through the soil the concentration will decrease. As a result of the high variability it would be best to break up the areas that we sample. In the agricultural areas, or the fields that are sprayed with the pesticide samples should be collected at two different depths, the surface soil, and approximately three feet below…

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  • Essay On Sampling Method

    & Griffin, 2013, p. 396). Random sampling is a beneficial method to use as this method is extremely uncomplicated and straightforward to compile the sample. In addition, other advantages to this type of sampling method include the fact that random sampling provides an unbiased and impartial selection and it…

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  • Group Questioning In Chapter 14 Of Business Research Methods

    503). In this Scenario, there are 159 hospitals within the Community Health Systems network and 20,000 physicians working within the hospitals. The researcher has chosen a sample size of 2,000 physicians, thus the probability of selection is 10% (2,000/20,000 = 0.1). The selection is then implemented using random-digit dialing or computerized voice response systems (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). Systematic Sampling Systematic sampling is a flexible form of probability sampling in which every…

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