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  • Comparative Analysis Of Scripps Mercy Hospital

    average) and to observe any significant differences between the individual respondent groups (“Always”, “Usually,” or “Sometimes” or “Never”). The ANOVA will also allow for the p–value, Mean and the Standard Deviation of each composite topic. Furthermore, a Tukey’s significance test was performed after the ANOVA on four of the composite topics (Nurse communication, Doctor communication, Medicine instructions, and Home care information) to further compare the significance of the groups, and to state if there are any notable differences between data sets (Scripps Mercy, California average, national average) and for each particular response group (“Always,” “Usually,” “Sometimes” or “Never”). Moreover, this single-step multiple comparison procedure will determine if the final composite figures are far enough apart than a calculated studentized range statistic (4.34), and will therefore indicate if there is any other significant differences between the figures. Finally, a t-test was performed on the last composite topic (Discharge instructions) to show the statistical percentile differences between the two-answer response groups, “Yes and “No.” This test will indicate the p-value, the statistical differences and significance of these responses. Nurse and Doctor Communication The study data reflecting the nurse and doctors communication levels with the patients were evaluated using the same survey questions. The patients who reported that their nurse communicated well…

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  • Eschbach, Parker, And Stoeberl

    provided by the repatriates responding by mail versus those who were interviewed by phone and no statistical differences were found (Eschbach, Parker, and Stoeberl 275). The respondents surveyed represented a cross section of industries, education levels, experience levels, jobs held, age, marital status, sex, number of children, and cultural difficulty. The questions asked focused on general adjustment, interactional adjustment, job adjustment, effectiveness, communications, self-maintenance,…

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  • Effects Of Carbohydrate Exercise On Muscle Endurance

    ‘Time’ represents EMG T2-T1 values. The rows directly below this represent the 2 different exercise sessions (1= Pre-CHO, 2= Post-CHO). For each exercise session, the standard deviations are shown, the sample size (i.e., N), and the significance. Each of the participants (N=9) performed both tests. The asterisk in the foot note provides criteria for significance (Sig<.05). The column ‘Sig’, determines whether or not the difference between the mean times were significant. According to the…

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  • A Case Study Of OA And Poag Controls

    Similarly, mean RIs were significantly raised in POAG patients as compared to PACG patients. While in CRA, mean PSV was significantly lower in PACG patients as compared to POAG patients. The difference in rest of the parameters did not reach up to the level of statistical significance. Optic nerve head is mainly supplied by the short posterior ciliary arteries which is a branch of ophthalmic artery. The contributions from central retinal artery and pial vessels are very small. [29] Moreover, the…

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  • Hand Sanitizer Experiment

    hand hygiene techniques: they recommend decontaminating with alcohol-based hand rub and spread evenly over all areas of the hands until dry, when washing with recommended soap and water wet the hands first with warm water (not hot water because overtime can cause irritation) and then apply soap and rub vigorously for at least 15 seconds and rinse and dry with disposable towel (Boyce & Pittet, 2002). This experiment follows the scientific method because it requires the process of doing…

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  • Value Case Study Essay

    The incidence of new-onset diabetes was reduced by 23% in the valsartan arm of the study. This clear and statistically significantly result (p=0.0001) is important data for valsartan as it suggests an active positive effect of valsartan on long-term glucose metabolism. Given that diabetes greatly increases the cardiac consequences of hypertension this result should be clearly communicated to providers as a positive for valsartan. The valsartan treatment group also displayed a reduction in heart…

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  • Gestil Bean Seeds Experiment Essay

    of radicle length within lentil bean seeds was affected by the environmental aqueous solutions, which was made up of either a table sugar, dextrose or a control. It presented that there was not a statistical difference between the table sugar or dextrose aqueous solutions in comparison to the radicle lengths since the P values were less than 0.05. Although, there was a statistical increase in radicle length with the comparison to the control. If these seeds were able to reach the average seed…

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  • Groups Of Privilege: A Methodological Analysis

    Nevertheless, there was statistical significance, between males and females on their patriotism scores. This could be due to the fact that males, generally, are more pleased with the election results and feel more patriotic at this time. But, it could also mean that males, in general, are more patriotic than females. The biggest limitation of this survey is the external validity. I used my Facebook to recruit participants, which is textbook convenience sampling that does not allow me to make…

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  • Descriptive Statistics And Frequency Analysis

    Before proceeding with any statistical procedures, I conducted a preliminary analysis using descriptive statistics and frequency analysis. Both were used to assess the characteristics of the data, check for violations of assumptions underlying the statistical techniques, as well as address research specific data requirements (Pallant, 2013). Using frequency analysis, I checked the minimum, maximum, and range of the categorical variables to identify errors and address the same. Additionally, I…

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  • Processes In Recognition Memory Research

    number that was presented as quickly as possible. This would continue for 60 trials, with 10 trials being presented for each memory size. There was no room for mistake as the experiment only collected response times for trials that were correct by having participants redo a mistake and present them with a different trial with different numbers. After the participants had successfully completed all 60 trials, they were asked to save their data to the online global data where their results are…

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