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  • Acacia Rubid Investigation Report

    Effect of Water Availability on Germination of Acacia rubida and Swainsona formosa Seeds Question The aim of this experiment is to investigate whether water availability prior germination affects Acacia rubida and Swainsona formosa seed germination. We will control the water availability by pre-soaking time. Hypotheses Null hypotheses • Seed germination speed will not differ between long and short soaking time. • Change in soaking time will have same effect on A. rubida and S. formosa seeds.…

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  • Is Global Warming A Belief Or A Real Danger?

    Nevertheless, some people find it hard to believe this as some other researchers argue that the Mann et al curve has been revealed as a statistical contrivance. There is no credible evidence that former climate was inflexible, nor that 20th century changes in AGT were unfamiliar, nor that dangerous human warming is proceeding. However, if global warming turns out to be real, the consequences…

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  • The Four Levels Of Human Resource Practice And Business Strategy

    The human resource practices are used by organizations as a critical strategic tool for the promotion of favorable behavior amongst employees and as thus leverage their abilities, skills, and knowledge for the purposes of increasing performance and productivity. The human resource function is thus significant in an organization since it involves placing the most qualified individuals in the correct positions and with the correct direction, these individuals perform their tasks to the advantage…

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  • Extrahepatic Tumors: A Case Study

    found out to be 93.2%, 98.2% and 95.3% respectively as per different findings. In constant, the accuracy of MRI was 88.8%, 91. % and 89.10% respectively according to different findings. However, the findings of both technologies had significant statistical difference between them. It was concluded thus PET/CT has been more effective than MRI in diagnosing metastasis. Moreover, assessment of the false positive and false negative in PET/CT scan is affected b few of variables, such as, node with…

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  • Evolution Of Cultural Diversity

    With the rise of globalization, technology and advanced means of communication, the world is learning to deal with the challenges and opportunities associated with diversity. Specifically, cultural diversity has become an inescapable reality for individuals, groups and businesses that were previously isolated among like bunches. As an example, according to the United States Census Bureau, “the U.S. is projected to become a majority-minority nation for the first time in 2043. While the…

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  • The Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy

    Teenage pregnancy is one of the significant reasons for high school dropouts according to the CDC, with only 50% of all teenage mothers going onto receive their high school diploma by the age of 22. Not only are teenage mothers at risk for lower school achievements, but so are their children who face a higher rate of dropping out of high school, being a teenage parent in the future, and having health problems (About Teen Pregnancy, 2016). The teenage pregnancy rates in the state of Florida are…

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  • Acetonitrile Lab Report

    2.4 IL-DLLME procedures For IL-DLLME under optimum conditions, 10 mL of the sample solution containing Cd2+ or Ni2+ and PAN (10−5mol L−1) was adjusted to pH in a glass test tube with a conical bottom test tube. Using a microsyringe, the mixture of the extraction solvent ([Hmim][PF6]) and disperser solvent (acetonitrile) was rapidly injected into the previously mentioned aqueous sample. A cloudy solution (water, acetonitrile and [Hmim][PF6] ) was formed in the test tube. The ions reacted with…

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  • The Habits Of Fast Food

    Fast food was defined as cooked or ready-prepared foods brought at take away restaurants (MK, NP, & ML). Arguably, originally United States A&W in 1919 and White Castle in 1921 were the first fast food restaurant in the world (Fast food restaurant , 2014). Today, American founded fast food such as Mc Donald and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) are multinational corporation with branches around the world. Nowadays, fast food has become something that usually taken in daily life. In Asia, fast food…

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  • Pest And Disease Infestation

    sample sizes are fixed in advance. Instead of making scouting at one time in the conventional sampling plan, sampler can check the accumulated data whether or not a conclusion can be reached after each observation in sequential sampling which is a statistical procedure whose sample size is not fixed in advance. Sequential sampling can save time and costs by reducing the number of observations needed reaching 50% of the number of observations required with classical sampling (Wald, 1943;…

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  • Banking Industry In Sri Lanka Case Study

    4.4.3 Hypothesis 03 H3: Activity mix impacts negatively on profit. The activity mix significant value is 0.846 with BOC’s profitability, it is not statistically significant. Therefore there is no evidence to accept the H3 and researcher accept null hypothesis. Fee income generating banks are more likely to have a negative impact on banks’ profitability, reflecting more intense of competition on national and international basis. Therefore when BOC shifts from interest bearing to non -interest…

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