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  • Michiana Behavioral Health Center Observation

    Three of us visited Michiana Behavioral Health Center or MBHC in Plymouth. Locating a facility proved an easy process but receiving an interview took more time. The facility lacks efficiency in returning phone calls. The Clinical Director, Kim and a staff member, Ron obtained their Masters in Social Work or MSW and Licensed Clinical Social Worker or LCSW among more licenses. The clinical director stated that she supervised programs, activities, and education. She informed us about a military insurance called Tricare that they accept. Insurance defines the length of time a client stays which may include from a couple of days to several months. They accept Tricore or military insurance too. The facility provides treatment for children, youth, and adults. Treatment…

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  • Petland Case Study

    service, new bedding daily, grooming/spa, pool access, indoor and outdoor play area and activities. This will target the higher earning pet owners looking to treat their pets when they are not able to travel with them. This option could alienate some customers not wanting to pay as much for these services. 2. Customizable Pet Care Experience – Customers can customize the stay of their pets with an online booking system they can book their pets stay as well as any number of options and upgrades,…

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  • Hospital Persuasive Speech

    There is nothing better than seeing a smile transform a frown. Our shift is coming to an end, and we sit on the counters of a cramped room in the basement of a hospital. We laugh and joke around, creating in one night, enough inside jokes to last a lifetime. Our best florists open the flower-filled storage and begin the task of forming two modest vases. These vases are not for us, nor are they for sale. Once finished, they will be brought upstairs and presented to a patient. The expertly…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Medical Technology And Ethical Issues

    Death of a family member can be painful and heartbreaking. When a person is put in a situation to pull the plug or keep the person alive, the decision can be troublesome. A decision such as life or death towards a loved one shouldn’t be made by one person only. That’s why doctors play a major role in this situation, doctors can help us determine what we should do. However, Doctors don’t always make rational decisions in a stressful situation, they need extra help as well. The RIP system can be…

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  • Community Identification Report

    activities provided for school age children daily between 12 noon and 4:00PM. There will be committed volunteers who have state background checks and are certified to handle light medical emergencies. A ratio will be implemented for children per adult. This program is designed for children, some with working parents, to have a meal and a snack during the day, a safe environment, activities for growth and development also the opportunity to learn a second language.  Seniors Program o Provide…

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  • 60's Research Paper

    life in 1967 and can’t really recall what the 1960s looked like or even better what was going on during that time. I do remember the early years of my life that both of my parents worked factory jobs. Most weeks they would be gone 10 hours a day before they came home from work. My parents used a child sitter with us while they were away from home. Early on it was my mothers’ aunt, who took care of us, then it was neighbors, and finally it was hired through a classified advertisement in the…

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  • Joseph's Time: The Life Story Of Joseph In The Bible

    He suffered through so much, not even knowing what God’s plan was for him in the end, but he still remained obedient to God’s will for his life. He grew in his personal relationship with the Lord and the relationships within his family. Joseph’s life is an excellent example and motivation of how Christians today should stay humble and trust that God is in control, no matter what may be awry. Staying steadfast for God in times of darkness will be rewarded with love and light, and most of all, the…

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  • What Is The Symbolism In The Yellow Wallpaper

    This is the beginning of the wall paper being the central symbol in the story. Throughout the story, the wall paper is the focus because it progresses from hatting it, to becoming obsessed with it. The woman uses unique details when describing the wall paper such as the lines going together, incomplete lines, etc. Afterward, “the faint figure behind seemed to shake the patter, just as she wanted to get out” (p.652, p15). I can say that this is her own problem because John’s wife stays awake all…

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  • Analysis Of Non-Voluntary Interdependence

    greater or lesser displeasure, (2) if they stay or leave behavior is associated with the commitment level, then they are more likely to stay in…

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  • James Joyce's Eveline: Wrong Decisions

    house and take the consequences of doing so, or she could start a new life with her charming new lover. Eveline made the decision to stay home with her family. Eveline made a terrible decision, to stay with her family and will have to endure the consequences of her decision. To begin with, Eveline was faced with a lot of problems at home, and she had a hard time dealing with these things. First, Eveline’s father was not a very good person. For example, he started to make…

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