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  • The Dangers Of Computers

    Computers have become vital to our everyday lives. We use them for just about everything. Why wouldn’t we? They’re quick and pretty simple to use. From using them to online shop to recording data of your businesses precious information. Computers have become completely necessary in keeping a company alive and thriving. Without having them to do some of the simplest things, it would be extremely difficult to survive in the business world. This invention is an incredible helping hand, but having such a remarkable tool, users tend to forget the dangers this machine can hold within itself. A majority of businesses use computers to complete several daily tasks such as, keeping track of profits, order new merchandise and tools and to ship out products…

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  • Importance Of Computers In Computer Science

    Computers, which have been around from less than a century, have made a huge impact around the world. However, even if we realize that computers are a basic tool in everyday life, people underestimate the capacity of these computing devices. The first time Google announced that their AlphaGO was going to compete with Go master Lee SeDol Kudan, my comrades and I had a strong faith on Lee. However, as we all know, the result surprised the world. Consequently, I believe we should not only make…

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  • The Basics Of Computers

    living underneath a rock, you probably use and/or own a computer or have at least seen one. Technology in the modern age is being updated at an increasingly fast rate. These days, it’s not uncommon to own a computer or a smartphone, and everyone’s on social media websites and all those other things. Most of the time, people can get lost when they have no idea how to use these new devices. Like anything else, the best thing to do is to learn the basics first. All computers have basic parts like…

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  • The Importance Of A Computer

    helps us perform tasks quicker and allows us to communicate with one another with the click of a button. Have you ever thought about what happens when you push the power button of a computer? My speech will give you a basic understanding of how a computer works. A computer is a data processing device that performs four major functions input, process, output and storage. The first major function is input. An input device lets you enter data and instructions into your computer. Some of the most…

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  • Buying A Computer

    1.At this point in time, how do you plan to use a computer if you were to make a buying decision today? If I were to purchase a computer today, it would mostly be used for entertainment and school/office work. 2.Based on how you plan to use this computer and the budget you have to work with, describe the computer you would buy. In doing so, identify the specifications for the type of hardware listed below that you would build in this computer and briefly explain why you would want/need each…

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  • Computers Social Construction

    The computer is a relatively new technology; it is widely almost anywhere you go. It is one of the most important inventions in recent history, It has paved the way for the achievements that otherwise would not have been possible without it. For example, making it to the moon or gives us the ability to create advanced weaponry. Society has had a major part in the devilment and the adoption of the computer over time. The history of computers gives validity to the perspective, social construction…

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  • Computers During WWII

    the concept of the potential of computers hit them. Scientist soon found out about the computer’s ability to compute firing tables, break code, and communicate between relay stations. At the beginning of WWII, the first all-electric computer was invented by Professor John Atanasoff and his student Clifford Berry. The machine was called ABC. The ABC had been designed to solve sets of linear differential equations. It was as large as a desk and included 300 electronic tubes as switches and a 1,600…

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  • How To Build A Computer

    Approximately two years ago I was able to make a dream of mine become true. Countless hours of researching and shifting between different parts lead me to craft a work of my own. Building a computer from scratch was such a great accomplishment that as I look back at it I have realized it was more influential than what I had speculated. Realizing that this accomplishment symbolized the introduction of myself from childhood to adulthood. As a result even my Mother and my Aunt provided me with a…

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  • Computer Influence On Students

    The Influence Computers Have on Academics The Introduction to Computers course (COMP 1000) is a course that teaches students how to use computers and the programs within them. In a students first semester at a college like Chattahoochee Technical College, he or she lacks efficient computer skills to excel in each course. Since some people lack the knowledge of how to use a computer, the course is a good resource to obtain the knowledge needed. At Chattahoochee Technical College, the majority of…

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  • Computer Technology: Why Should We Use A Computer?

    Have you used a computer today? Well if you have, I bet you thought all the stuff you stored on it was safe. I am going to tell you why it is not. We should not rely on computers so heavily because people store too much personal information on their computers, terrible cyber security, and hackers are too advanced. A computer is an electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program. We use these electronic…

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