International Space Station

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  • Carbon Nanotubes Research Paper

    Chemistry is in everyday life, including space travel. One might ask what is involved with space travel? A lot of times fuel for the rockets come to mind, but there is also the making of the rocket itself and how they breathe all the way up into space. A method they use for breathing in space is electrolysis. Other factors are the diet, the removal of waste, and the impact of space. In spacecraft fuel the two main categories are liquid and solid rockets, which have different combinations and impulse values. In the development of a spacecraft carbon nanotubes are expected to used. Rocket propulsion, of course, includes combustion. Combustion is where a substance reacts with oxygen and gives off heat. The source of oxygen is called an oxidizer…

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  • Edward M. Goolish

    Edward M. Goolish is an astrobiologist and the Deputy Director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, which is a position that he has held for many years ever since 2006. He has served N.A.I. (NASA Astrobiology Institute) or about six years, and he has been the Assistant director for research from February 1, 2013 to August 11, 2014. In 1994, Goolish came to Ames Research Center to conduct research on how the small forces within space can change aquatic organisms, vertebrates and behaviors. He…

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  • Overpopulation

    Pollution and emission rates are at an all time high and disease outbreaks are nearly unstoppable. Some countries such as China are so overpopulated that there are birth laws in place to encourage a lower population count. With too much demand and not enough supply, there are more than 700 million undernourished people in the world ("Worldometers - Real Time World Statistics." Para 5). With all these problems going on in the world, the major problem that allows for them all to occur still…

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  • Creative Writing: A Haunting In The Empty Corridor

    A Haunting in the Empty Corridor Long, long in the future, on the International Space Station there lived an astronomical physicist named Astatine. Her days consisted of calculations, food, and zero gravity. One day as she was observing the stars, she saw one moving rapidly towards her. She roughly calculated its speed at ten times the speed of light. “What could it be?” she thought. At its distance and speed, it would reach the ISS in about ten minutes. She hit the giant red button next…

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  • Paragraph On My Ideal Classroom

    probably differs from everyone’s. Many would say that is it out of this world, literally. My ideal classroom with be based off of a space station. First off I would want my doors to be circular cut doors where everyone would have to crawl into the classroom. I would also like circular windows, allowing a lot of natural light. Next seating, for desks I want two big tables across from each other where everyone can see each other and then chairs surrounding the tables. This will allow the students…

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  • Examples Of Post Apocalyptic Future

    One of my favorite post-apocalyptic visions of the future is found in the new TV series The 100. The 100 is set 97 years after the world had been reduced to rubble due to nuclear war. The only known survivors are the residents of twelve space stations in Earth 's orbit prior to the war. Once supplies run low on the space craft, the survivor’s hands are forced to send 100 juvenile delinquents to the surface of the Earth to see if it can sustain human life once more. In a crash landing on…

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  • NASA Antares Rocket Experiment

    The NASA Antares Rocket exploded out of the air, after it was clearly safe to launch. 5,000 pounds of supplies and more than 200 million dollars were wasted. Heading to the space station on the rocket were several experiments given by the Chinese, Russians, Americans, and Australians. They were supposed to be tested in space to examine their effects in space however, after the explosion, the experiments need to be returned back to each country accordingly. The Chinese will get LB (mineral oil),…

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  • Persuasive Essay On NASA Planets

    believes that the planets could sustain liquids, the only downside is the amount of time it would take to travel to the Trappist-1. It would take 700,000 years just to travel to the Trappist-1. NASA believes that the 7 planets could sustain liquids just based off of the densities of the planets. The reason why this is important means that the planets could sustain life if they have liquids. NASA has sent rovers all throughout space and by looking through their telescopes. When NASA found out…

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  • Growing Potatoes Or Duds Essay

    Growing potatoes on mars? Yes, It could be a real possibility for the future for not just to see if they can survive the harsh conditions but, maybe even adapt to them. In the passage “Spuds or duds? Movie magic may become a reality for astronauts”I think the overall branch of science was life science or “a branch of science (such as biology, medicine, and sometimes anthropology or sociology) that deals with living organisms and life processes” "Life Science. (n.d.). Retrieved February 09, 2018,…

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  • Princess Talitha Anthropology

    kindness she convinced her father, Emperor Grypas, to uplift them. Fifteen Thousand of them were brought from Earth (the Pontikians called it Gaea) to a giant space station in a nebula. The Neanderthals repopulated, and were taught by the Pontikians how to read and write. They were also taught basic farming techniques and basic hygiene practices. The Pontikians also try convert them to their religion but it didn’t take. The Neanderthals instead still do animism and still practice the same…

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