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  • Connection Without Hesitation Short Story

    positioned ourselves and froze up for a couple of seconds. He did couple of shots, then we all move on to our own places. When they started to uncover the food, the aroma is overwhelming I can smell the seasoning of soy sauce, sugary-sweet, and the roasted garlic chicken flavor of the dishes sitting at the bar side of hall. The smell just makes me hyper salivate. It was all homemade. Ate Rose made it. I started to scoop my favorite food, the pancit (it 's an asian stir fry noodles), grab couple of puto’s (like a cupcake but steamed) and sinangag (fried rice). Most of the Filipino food has rice flavorings because rice is widely available in the Philippines. (or you can say.. “rice is a staple food in the Philippines.” I sat down in one of the tables in the middle hall where my husband,my son and my daughter sit,and they already grabbed their own plate. Ate Phoebe sit with us and visits, she asks me “Si Ranielle, nasa Billings?” (talking to me in Tagalog, one of the basic dialect in the Philippines). I said , “Opo” (Opo or po means yes to represent respect while talking to older person). While I and ate Phoebe are chatting, the little Indian boy. He is Kalyn’s classmate, came over and asked me, “do you have a pencil and a paper?” I said, “o, but I can ask somebody if you want?” He said,”Ok, I 'll wait.” I found a paper behind the bar’s drawer. Then,he started to sketch a figure of Batman. It was an impressive accurate drawing of Batman. I said,” Wow!” The boy drew was…

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  • Social Rules Of Grammar

    Class Philosophy and Corresponding Resources: Make It Stick by Brown, Roediger III, and McDaniel Recent studies indicate that an effective method of learning is interleaving: layering skills so practice is varied and builds. The authors of the book liken it to shooting a basketball. If player A practices shooting from the freethrow line 100 times and player B practices shooting 100 times from varied positions and distances, player B would be most likely to sink a freethrow from the line. In the…

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  • Golden Age Of Sports In The 1920's

    In the 1920's hockey was a very popular Canadian sport. Hockey was names Canada's national sport. Because it became so popular so quickly. During the 1920's the NHL was formed for Canadian and American hockey players. The NHL became an instant hit because many people enjoyed watching the high paced sport. When WW1 had ended many soldiers were excited to finally watch the game. Hockey became a sport that every Canadian loved to watch. Hockey is considered to be a part of the Canadian Culture. In…

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  • Athlete Dying Young Poem

    “To an Athlete Dying Young” & “Ex-Basketball Player” In Both, “To an Athlete dying Young” and “Ex basketball player”, We experience several poetic devices that compare and contrast eachother in these fairly similar poems. In the poem written by John Updike, “Ex-Basketball Player”, Flick a fictional character is stuck in a loop and his daunting past wrecks his current future. In this poem flicks past shows a young basketball player is praised for setting several records and being a country…

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  • Pool Pockets Case Study

    Pool Pockets Problem Statement: In this POW you have to find the rebounds on a rectangular pool table (4 holes) with whole number distances.Every shot is shot at a 45 degree angle and always shot from the lower left corner and what pocket it lands in. Process: I started out by drawing many rectangles with each many different dimensions ( 2*3, 2*1, 4*10, 2*9, etc.) Then i did the actual problem /experiment and counted the rebounds on each rectangle, and each will be shot from the bottom left…

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  • Informative Essay On Women's Basketball

    Emily Morua Edwardo Pedregon English 4 April 20, 2016 Morua i Final Draft Basketball was invented by a physical education instructor named Dr. James Naismith in the early 1890s. He was challenged to come up with a new game that was able to be played indoors due to the cold weather. Back in the days before the actual basketball was invented, they would play with a soccer ball. The basket didn’t have a hole on the bottom of the rim just yet. So what they had to do was, climb up to the top of…

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  • Jeremy Lin Character Analysis

    BY STEVEN.O the main character is jeremy lin. the film takes place in palo alto california.jeremy is a now a NBA player ,so he tells his story leading up to his career.he starts of by telling the audience about his early childhood,the he transitions himself to his life as a chinese american playing ball in a ivy league. BY SOME OTHER CRITIC:The story of Jeremy Lin's rise to fame is well known and was exhaustively covered in 2012. The American-born middle son of Taiwanese immigrants, he grew…

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  • How The Invention Of Basketball Changed

    Imagine having to play basketball with a soccer ball and a peach basket. James Naismith didn't have the money to invent a new ball so they just played with a soccer. Peach baskets were used as the first hoops. Basketball has changed over the years. From the invention of basketball to the modern popularity today, basketball has evolved into what it is today. Basketball was created by James Naismith. In 1891,he invented the game of basketball. He worked as a gym teacher at the YMCA. He worked in…

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  • Luisa Jump Shot Analysis

    We are to analyse and critique the shot of a basketball from someone in class compared to an NBA superstar. So in this analysis I will talk about the biophysical skills of functional anatomy and biomechanics. Preparation: Analysing Luisa’ jump shot, from here we can see that she is executing her prep wrong. Why? During the preparation stage we can see that she has a strong base of support but won’t work for this particular shot. Because Luisa hasn't lowered her centre of mass as much she will…

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  • Creative Writing: The Berserk Family

    _ Female reader; 01 The berserk family that belonged to you consisted of five human beings, including you. In first place was your father, the noisy bald-headed man acted more like a moonstruck fitness coach for someone who was about to enter the olympics rather than an actual Dad. Even though your father acted like a coach with no chill, he still managed to treat your three other bothers- I mean, brothers, with more respect than you ever received. Thus you diligently worked hard ever…

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