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  • The Importance Of Birth Control

    Ervin Colston Anthony Daniels English 120 April 29, 2016 The Importance of Birth Control [1] Since the time ancient man began participating in sexual intercourse, forms of birth control have existed for the prime purpose of preventing the conception of children. The earliest forms of birth control had varying results of effectiveness. Some birth control methods were toxic, some forms of birth control dealt with abortion and infanticide, while other simply did not work [2]. In the present, however, we have developed an even more effective and safer forms of birth control, yet many young Americans have trouble accessing birth control, or they have misconceptions about their use. Due to this, there are many unplanned pregnancies, as high…

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  • The Benefits Of Birth Control

    religions, birth control, and access to it, is still a hot-button topic. Extensive research has been conducted studying the effects of birth control across many fields, and the results all seem to agree. Recent research seems to have shown that access to affordable birth control is directly tied to positive effects for the individual, the child, and the economy as a whole. Access to affordable birth control has many benefits for the individual in question.…

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  • The Birth Control Pill

    method of contraception, and the birth control pill. The pill and female sterilization have been the two most commonly used methods since 1982. Dating all the way back to the 1870’s, and more recently, the 1950’s, there have been many controversies over the birth control pill. Many religious people all over the United States sought to believe the birth control pill was a form of abortion, which has always been looked down upon. But there are also millions of women who take the pill, that argue…

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  • Teen Birth Control

    Teen’s choice of birth control Teenage pregnancies are getting higher and higher amongst thirteen to nineteen-year old’s. What can be done in order to lower teenage pregnancy rates? Teenagers are taking part in unprotected sexual activities and they are ending up pregnant at a very early age. Many teens are not ready for the type of commitment that raising a child would takes. These teens are certainly not ready to be raising children. Should teenagers be able to decide when they choose to go on…

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  • Birth Control Education

    The Importance of Education on Birth Control “If only Catholics could breed like rabbits.” An interesting statement provided to the world by Malcolm Pott’s “A natural argument for the birth control pill.” It would certainly make the whole issue a tad easier to deal with than it currently is. When it comes to sexual intercourse, certain religions have always been quick to associate it with sin. These religions, in particular the Catholic Church, have also been quick to put down the use of the…

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  • Birth Control Legalization

    the legalization of birth control was not easy. Activists such as Margaret Sanger devoted their entire lives to the legalization and implementation of birth control. While the FDA made various forms of birth control accessible throughout the twentieth century, the turning point was when the FDA approved “the pill” in 1960. The pill was a pivotal invention because it made birth control more accessible and applicable; rather than using difficult processes to prevent child-bearing, women could take…

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  • Birth Control Speech

    When Ashleigh was about 12 years old, I told her one detail per day about Sex so that she is not in complete shock in one day. There are so many details involving Sex. I told her before she took Health class because the Health Teacher will tell her/his students about Birth Control and tell them it is okay. We are Catholics and I wanted to pre-warn her about the consequences of using Birth Control and that using something like that is considered a Sin. I also told her that Sex before marriage is…

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  • Religion And Birth Control

    In order to understand the Catholic Church’s stance versus the science approach to contraceptive use, it is foremost important to understand the purpose of contraceptives. First, there are multiple forms of contraceptives, however, the two most common are birth control and condoms. Focusing on birth control, “the Pill was first approved in 1960, [and] birth control continues to work in only one of two ways: by preventing fertilization or by preventing ovulation” (Watkins, 2012, p. 1462). Birth…

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  • Birth Control Project

    Throughout this group project I have learned a lot about birth control that I did not know before. Being a woman in our society that has access to reproductive health information from my doctor, I never thought of birth control as hard to obtain or learn about. After researching about the different types of birth control and their histories I was able to learn that access to birth control has not always been easy. There are many types of birth controls that people do not know about or just do…

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  • The Discovery Of Birth Control

    Introduction The discovery of birth control has dramatically changed the lives of women across the world. In past generations, it was common for women to become pregnant at a very young age. Today, more and more are choosing to have kids later in life once they have established their careers or are ready to “settle down”. One main reason for this shift in behavior is birth control because it provides women the choice of preventing pregnancy until they decide otherwise. Despite the fact that it…

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