The Importance Of Birth Control

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Ervin Colston
Anthony Daniels
English 120
April 29, 2016

The Importance of Birth Control

Since the time ancient man began participating in sexual intercourse, forms of birth control have existed for the prime purpose of preventing the conception of children. The earliest forms of birth control had varying results of effectiveness. Some birth control methods were toxic, some forms of birth control dealt with abortion and infanticide, while other simply did not work [2]. In the present, however, we have developed an even more effective and safer forms of birth control, yet many young Americans have trouble accessing birth control, or they have misconceptions about their use. Due to this, there are many unplanned pregnancies, as high
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The historical condemnation of contraceptives by religious communities can be cited as the reason why many religious couples choose to teach abstinence. Many religiously motivated abstinence programs often omit information on how to have safe sex, or they contain untrue medical statements. Schools that have an abstinence-only sexual education program have higher rates of teenage pregnancy and higher rates of STD rates[3]. Abstinence is however effective when it is paired with contraception and disease prevention education. One objection to contraceptive use is the argument that giving out contraceptives will lead to higher sexual activity in youths. This argument is however unfounded, as sexual activity rates stay the same whether or not you are taught about contraceptive use[4]. Due to outside interferences, many teenagers or young adults do not know how to have safe sex. Even though sexual education has been improved over the years, many young people still do not receive this …show more content…
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