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  • Chemical Selenium Fertility

    Meta Description: The chemical Selenium has been known to play a key role in fertility for men. One of the great joys and privileges of being and adult man or woman is having the opportunity to bear and raise children. It is something many people cherish and spend a great deal of their lives preparing for in order to become good parents. Unfortunately, nature and biology sometimes interfere with one's ability to conceive. Dealing With Infertility It is estimated that one in eight or 12.5% of all couples are faced with issues related to infertility in one or both parties. The possible causes range from health issues to issues that may have been caused in the DNA. For many couples, the realization they might never be able to have biological children of their own is devastating. They tend to feel inadequate and build up frustration as they search for answers/solutions to their problem. The most important thing doctors and fertility specialists want to see is the couple coming together to cope with the problem as a unit to start looking for possible solutions. How Selenium (atomic symbol SE) Could Play a Role…

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  • Fertility In The Handmaid's Tale

    In The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood opened my eyes to how society could be someday, if we continue down some paths we are going. One of the main issues Atwood shows in this book was fertility and how important it is to the town of Gilead. Men have most of the power in this world and women are doing all the “typical” women roles. Women are not valued for the right reasons in Gilead, I think they are being used for their ability to reproduce. In the town of Gilead, fertility is big issue.…

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  • Mastitis Effects On Fertility

    The Effects of Mastitis on Fertility The detrimental effects that mastitis can have on fertility is one of the largest indirect costs of the disease. Mastitis (both clinical and subclinical) have been showed to affect conception rates, compromise embryo development and calf health as well as increasing the risk of calving complications. Poor fertility results in costs associated with veterinary services, culling and low production. When evaluating what mastitis is costing your parlor, the…

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  • Fertility Diet Research Paper

    Change into a fertility diet and see your vitality and fecundity soar high Description: The fertility rates in both men and women have reduced greatly and as a result majority of couples face permanent fertility failures. Research shows a good diet may help greatly What makes a meal right for your reproductive system? It is definitely not the first time that you may have seen the importance of a good diet being discussed. The reason may have been different, per say losing weight or getting a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fertility Drugs

    there are a minute number of fertility drugs that can assist a woman to conceive a child, however, infertility is a growing issue. A fertility drug comparable to Swenson’s could be world renowned or it could be a nightmare. It would be world renowned if there were certain regulations on it. However, without regulations, the fertility drug would be a catastrophe. A fertility drug that allows a woman to always be able to conceive would help an abounding amount of couples. In brief, this drug would…

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  • Extend Fertility Case Study

    I personally believe that Extend Fertility is offering a amazing thing women all over. As a young woman myself I know that there is a ticking clock on having an healthy pregnancy and healthy children and it has always been my understanding that the longer you wait to have children the harder it will be to carry them an after reading this case I understand it is because of the fact that the eggs of older women tend to of a lower quality. This fact causes many women to ask themselves at a young…

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  • Fertility In Developing Countries

    Fertility has become a universal issue within the last few decades. Fertility today is at both an all time high and low within several regions around the world. Countries such as Niger, Mali, Somalia, Uganda etc, now all have on average have six kids per family. Compared to nations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Egypt; where the average birth rate is as low as one child per family. Global impacts, varying from increased poverty level, overcrowded homes and cities are now…

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  • Advanced Fertility Clinic: A Case Study

    time, my husband and I were currently serving in the Air Force, and had spent a considerable amount of time separated in support of military commitments. Next, Maj Tenace proclaimed, “If you are not pregnant in the next five months, come back to see me and I will send you to a fertility doctor.’’ Initially, visiting a fertility clinic was an inconceivable option due to my Christian faith. I will be…

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  • Fertility Research Paper

    What is Fertility? Webster defines fertility as a couple’s natural ability to produce offspring. Every human being has the natural ability to reproduce (which is part of our body’s reproductive system). Fertility should not to be confused with fecundity. Fecundity is all about the actual ability of an individual to reproduce. Someone who lacks fertility is infertile; someone who lacks fecundity is sterile. The most important task anyone who wishes to get pregnant should know is fertility. Women…

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  • A Summary Of Togo's Fertility

    Similarly, Togo’s Fertility can be analyzed through studying different measurements taken from certain groups of the population throughout different points in time. The crude birth rate is probably the simplest and most common measurement of fertility and as of the year 2015, Togo maintained a rate of 38 births per 1,000 of the population per year. Additionally, the total fertility rate was most recently (2015) projected at 4.8, however, that projection only shows what would happen if the…

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