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  • Issues And Causes Of Female Feticide In India

    This project has been Submitted by Prakash Kumar Id. no. - 214089 Monsoon semester Topic Female Feticide in India: Issues & concerns Abstract We are facing the major problem which is harmful for human species. It is Female Feticide. After the globalization, the practice of the killing of female fetus could be found in almost all the parts of the Country. There are many reasons behind such gruesome practice. We are facing gender inequality; killing of girl child in a large scale is the main reason for it. The causes or responsible factors for female feticide and how our government is dealing with this huge demerit of our society are debatable. But the main question is what we are doing to curb female feticide. It is a human disease. Human…

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  • 163 Million Missing Women Analysis

    Ultrasounds allow for individuals to view the sex of the fetus prior to birth. In developing nations, ultrasound examinations are required of expecting mothers. If the baby were to be a girl, the pregnancy would immediately be terminated. Because these machines allow mothers to view the sex of the child while still in the womb, it has lead to an increase in gender feticide. As stated in the “It’s a girl documentary”, “20,25, to 30% of girls are being killed by birth”. In India, it was reported…

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  • Planned Parenthood By Yehuda Berg

    fetal protection legislation, pro-life defenders will have a strong case in the dismissal of women’s ability to choose, resulting in the illegalization of abortion. Including Georgia, thirty-eight states have fetal homicide laws to protect and honor the unborn children that are incapable of doing so themselves in different circumstances. These three Georgia laws punish perpetrators for killing unborn children as though the perpetrators were killing adults. “Ga. Code Ann. § 16-5-80 defines…

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  • Abortion In Mongolia

    Should abortion be legal in Mongolia? Abortion is the process of ending a fertility when women wants. Why do people choose misbirth? Not only adult but also adolescent abort their unborn babies. There might be complicated reasons including an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy or rape for choosing the feticide. There are two types of ending of a pregnancy either surgical or medical abortion. The surgical method is pulling the baby from the vaginal canal by using large toothed grasping clamp.…

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  • The Role Of Abortion In The United States

    developed, or even when the fetuses brain has developed far enough that brain waves can be detected. Some states have recognized the idea of having a law that can protect mother and child, as a questionable act of what has been a viable age to recognize the fetus as living, for example is a pregnant women had been involved in an accident involving a drunk driver, is it reasonable for the courts to prosecute the driver with not only one charge of homicide but to add another account for the death…

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  • Delhi Gang Rape Case Study

    or coercion with intent of perpetuating promoting hierarchical gender relations.” APWLD, 1990, Schuler, (1992) • Any physical, visual, verbal or sexual act that is experienced by the woman or girl at the time or later as a threat, invasion or assault that has the effect of hurting her or degrading her and/or takes away her ability to contest an intimate contact. Kelly, L. (1998). • Technologies like amniocentesis and ultrasound used in most parts of the world, largely for detecting foetal…

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  • The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech In America

    If someone did not post a documentary about global female feticide, I wouldn’t be knowledgeable about it. If historians did not record African-Americans timeline from Africa to the Americas, then I wouldn’t know where I came from. If the government regulated citizens’ rights to not be able to publish content online then I would be a mess personally. This thing that we call a right is more than just that. It’s more than something that written on paper that is upheld socially and legally. It is a…

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  • Root Cause Analysis: Female Infanticide

    The objective of this assessment is to identify a social problem in the international context, determine the people affected, possible causes of the problem and who may benefit. After the assessment of the problem, a plan for advocacy can be designed to address the issue. As an international social worker, working for a non-government agency, my organization would address female infanticide, specifically in India. Infanticide and feticide encompasses the murder of newborn children or sex…

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  • How Does Education Matter

    an office and earn some income to increase the family income? What would you call an educated person who doesn't allow his children to attend a function as it is being conducted by the people who have a different religion from his/her own? What would you call an educated person, who instead of appreciating the children for helping somebody in distress, scolds them and asks them to mind their own business? Take for instance Afghanistan and Pakistan, gender discrimination continues to be an…

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  • Becoming A Nurse: A Personal Statement Of Purpose

    become an excellent team player while using medical help at hand. Apart from conducting daily rounds, outpatient checkups, I was entrusted to manage inpatient care and supervise team of nurses from time to time. The experience here has enhanced my ability to quickly diagnose the patient’s issues and provide them with immediate care. My proficiency in four different languages allowed me to effectively communicate with patients and understand their needs properly. The knowhow of the area and the…

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