Fertility tourism

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  • Surrogacy: Surrogate Mothers

    People travel to Thailand not just for enjoying their vacations, but also for realizing the dream of having a baby. India, Thailand and California in the United States are the most popular destinations for cross- border reproductive care or fertility tourism (Mckelvey, David, Shenfield, & Jauniaux, 2009). People usually go abroad for commercial surrogacy. No matter what their marital status or sexual orientation are (Armour, 2012), they could seek help from surrogacy agencies in those places. Surrogacy is an arrangement that a surrogate mother carries an embryo and subsequent birthing of a baby for an intended couple who is unable to conceive babies by themselves. It seems that surrogacy is a solution to create a new member in a family. Although the birth of a baby is believed as a blessed event for families, it could become the beginning of nightmare to children at the same time. Surrogacy has been a thorny issue. It should not be encouraged. There are two forms of surrogacy. In traditional, surrogate mother would use her own egg along with intended father’s sperm. The process is accomplished through artificial insemination. Therefore, surrogate mother is the genetic mother of the resulting baby. In gestational, only being the carrier of…

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  • Korean Sex Ratio Analysis

    measurement remains one of Korean lower than any developed country. • The sociologist Heeran Chun, state women have lower socioeconomic status than men and their lives are markedly restricted by the cultural values associated with Confucianism. Women reported higher rates of morbidity and distress than men. Women also face the glass ceiling that exists to keep them from obtaining a powerful position and women are even expected to give birth. • According to Min, she has a daughter mainly to have…

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  • Minkoff And Paltrow Ethical Analysis

    Pregnancy and prenatal harm to offspring arise many issues. What is the right balance of the fetuses "rights" and the mother 's rights of bodily integrity? Finding the accommodating balance is both difficult and challenging. Both the fetus and mother must be analyzed and evaluated to come to an ultimatum deciding what is best for the unborn child, while also considering the mother 's rights to autonomy and bodily integrity. Robertson and Schulman say, "Ethical analysis must balance the mother…

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  • Thomas Aquinas 'Doctrine Of Double Effect'

    1. “Intending evil is not absolutely impermissible” which is also known as the Doctrine of Double Effect is often cited to explain the permissibility of an act which is evil by nature, such as the death of a human being which is an evil, for a good end like to save the life of another. For example, in cases of uterus cancer, in process to save the life of the mother (good end), the doctor has to take the life of the baby in the womb (morally impermissible act). Influential philosopher Thomas…

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  • The Next Generation: The Dangers Of Abortion

    Abortion is a medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby. Women that have abortions could either be married or single and/or either wants the abortion or just persuaded to get one from family members, friends or the father of the baby. This procedure could either be done through surgery or by taking medication; depending on how long the woman has been pregnant. According to Martin Luther King, Jr., “nothing in all the world is more dangerous than…

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  • Mary Anne Warren's Argument For Abortion

    Mary Anne Warren presents her argument for abortion, first, by replying to Thomson’s argument with falsehoods she gathered from his premises. The largest opposition Warren had with Thompson, was based upon the statement he made that allowed for abortion to be permissible even if the fetus has a full right to life. Warren argues that there cannot be an argument for abortion if it is believed that a fetus has a full right to life, because an abortion would immediately dismiss this. In Warren’s…

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  • Case Study: Should Sally Be Sterilized

    Jai’lece McCracken Medical Law & Ethics Term Paper Should Sally be Sterilized Sally Smith is 26 years old and is disabled. Her aunt has gone to court to have the young woman sterilized. Smith opposes the sterilization, but a judge has decided that since Sally “would suffer irreparable psychological damage” if she had a child, she should be sterilized. Should Sally be allowed to have children? Utilitarianism is an ethical theory based on the greatest good for the greatest number of…

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  • Infertility In Africa

    The author, being of African descent and having personally struggled with inability to conceive, identifies closely with infertile couples in Africa. In African society where fertility is held in such high regard, infertile couples struggle significantly with criticism and rejection by members of their communities. A solution to this issue, proposed by this capstone project is to create an educational program to encourage understanding and compassion for infertile couples among their…

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  • Case Study: Spermatozoa And Its Arrival To The Egg

    intracellular Ca2+ (4,5). Moreover, capacitation leads to hypermotility which refers to the increase of the angles in the flagellum which results in a faster motility force (8). Thus, capacitation, CatSper channels, and hypermotility all appear to be linked. Sperm exposure to the alkaline female environment results in capacitation and hypermotility which along with CatSper channels allow for the entry of Ca2+ into the cell which in turn continues to potentiate motility forces of the sperm and…

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  • Infertility In The Reproductive System

    Infertility is a disease in the reproductive system that it is measure by the inability to get pregnant within the first year of trying to conceive without contraceptives such as condoms and birth control. According to the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” (n.d.), approximately 6.7 million women are unable to get pregnant or carry a baby to term and about 1.5 million have been unable to conceive after a 12 month consecutive period of having unprotected intercourse. Also there are many…

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