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  • Fishing Village Case Study

    An urban fishing village in east asia: Fragrant to the glory of god Part One: Description of Context Introduction God’s Word tells us, “ Zhuhai sits along the southwestern bank of China’s Pearl River. It’s oldest area, known today as the Xiangzhou district, began as a small fishing village. The two characters used to write Xiangzhou in Chinese mean “fragrant” and “islet,” respectively. “Islet” likely refers to the land this village occupies among the tributaries flowing into the Pearl River…

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  • Honeymoon Vacation Essay

    Honeymoon involvement, look at the supernatural Cinque Terre situated in the Liguria area toward the west of La Spezia. The best time to go to this great nation is April-June and late September – October as you will be feeling the loss of the mid year tourism surge of July – September. Best time to visit the Cinque Terre relies upon your inclinations. On the off chance that you like ocean, it merits going to from mid-May till the finish of…

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  • Salon Nayana Case Study

    Today “Salon Nayana” has become a familiar phrase all around Sri Lanka. The story of Nayana Karunaratne the founder and owner of Nayana Chain of Salons is a very exemplary role model for future entrepreneurs and leaders. At present Salon Nayana has spread its branches not only in Sri Lanka but also in India which is the second largest market in the world. Therefore Salon Nayana has become a leading company in the industry. She is the official beautician for Srilankan Airlines and is the founders…

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  • Hotel Tourism Case Study

    Hotel tourism businesses are divided into two major categories, which are constituted by lots of subcategories : i. Major Hotel Accommodations ii. Non-Major Hotel Accommodations i) Major Hotel Accommodations This category consists of the businesses, which operate in urban or rural areas and provide their guests with many means of accommodation, nutrition and entertainment. Major hotel accommodations are divided into luxury hotels, A, B, C, D and E category, each of these has its own…

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  • Selima Hotel Case Study

    TITLE Stay All-Inclusive At El Mouradi Club Selima Hotel, Tunisia LEAD PARAGRAPH Part of the Tunisian hotel chain El Mouradi Hotels, Club Selima Hotel is located in pretty Port El Kantaoui and close to the historical town of Sousse. With close proximity to a gorgeous sandy beach, lots of onsite activities to enjoy, superb facilities and amenities, and easy access to many historical and cultural attractions, Club Selima Hotel is a great place to enjoy top Tunisian hospitality, relaxation, and a…

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  • Travel And Tourism Case Study

    allowed 100 percent foreign investment in the hotel and tourism related industry. Tourism related industry includes:  Travel agencies, tour operating agencies and tourist transport agencies.  Cultural, adventure and wildlife experiences provided for tourists.  Surface, air and water transport services for tourists.  Convention/seminar units and organisations. The Government has also initiated other attractive measures in order to improve the tourism sector and thereby increase its…

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  • Narrative Essay On White Water Rafting

    White-Water Rafting White-water rafting in Yellowstone is an exhilarating experience, unlike any other that I have had in my life. I am someone who always loved going on adventures, but this was different. There were moments of relaxation, then moments of pure terror of the unknown. These contrasting elements made an experience I will never forget. My family and I make it to the white-water rafting destination. I remember the day having perfect weather, clear sky with mild temperature. There…

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  • Great Barrier Reef Essay

    Biodiversity Essay How can the great barrier reef be protected for the future generation? The great barrier reef is a stunning 2,600 km stretch of some of the most amazing coral reefs in the world. It is so big it is visible from space. The reef is approximately the same area as Japan, Malaysia or even Germany(Great Barrier Reef). It is a huge part of the world but also a huge part of people's lives. Latest estimates suggests that the great barrier reef makes up to $30 billion each year in…

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  • Kangaroo Point Persuasive Essay

    in this location, thanks to its proximity to Brisbane CBD, which also offers a range of attractions and activities for everyone. You can get a glimpse of some of the natural beauties that Kangaroo Point has to offer, by viewing the new video that Tourism Queensland has prepared. They have released a 360 degrees video, in which you can admire a small part of Kangaroo Point Cliffs. So if you decide to stay at Kangaroo Point Brisbane during your travel, then I know the perfect place to book your…

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  • Haines: Future In Tourism

    The Haines Case Study Question 1: Haines will definitely have a future in tourism. Despite that ;leisure and hospitably are a new category they have been trying for quite a while to attract tourists, but without a solid plan. However, they should be very careful when planning, due to the fact that they have to save the natural resources; which they still possess, after the mining, fishing, and timber exploitation that have been sustaining the communality for almost two centuries. Additionally,…

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