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  • Pro Life Vs Pro Choice

    Abortion is one of the most controversial and hotly debated topics of this day and age. The reason for this surrounds the idea of whether the induced expulsion of the fetus is murder or rather in the interest of the mother. Pro-life activists debate that all life in the instant of its conception is innocent and deserves a chance at life. God chooses its time of life and death, not the mother. Pro-choice followers often argue in favor of science and the United States Constitutional Ninth Amendment, which holds freedom of choice sacred. The first patient is the mother, and she is the one who allows the pregnancy to happen or not. Personally, I am pro-choice; however, I am not pro-abortion. Pro-abortion zealots believe abortion is right for whatever reason the mother has, and basically acts as a sort contraception. This displays a poor conscience and lack of responsibility. This paper will argue in favor of pro-choice while reinforcing the wrongs of pro-abortion.…

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  • Pro-Choice And Who Is Not Pro-Life?

    Who is not pro-choice and who is not pro-life? These are just two terms politicians use in their campaigns to sum up their view on abortion. Isn’t everybody pro-choice? Doesn’t everyone like the idea of making choices? Comparatively, everyone is pro-life. Almost everyone supports the right for people to live. There is much more meaning to these terms than they portray at first read. The pro-choice community is in favor of a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body.…

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  • Abortion: Pro Life Or Pro-Choice?

    Pro-life or Pro-choice? As abortion becomes one of the most controversial topics with opinions ranging from completely legal to completely illegal. However, this is due to its depiction in societal views and people’s religious views. But this essay will argue how abortion should be legal in all cases as it is a woman’s right, how adoption isn’t an alternative and making it illegal will not stop it from happening. Abortion is a woman’s right to her body, and no-one should have the right to…

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  • Essay On Abortion Pro Choice

    Abortion should be pro-choice. We decide what we want for our body. If a woman feels like she can’t support a baby, or if she was raped and doesn’t want to keep the infant she shouldn’t have to. It should all come down to the person’s decision. Many people argue on wheatear abortion should be illegal or legal. To make a decision everyone should listen to other women’s stories about their experience with abortion. One thing that almost everyone can agree on is that it’s the woman’s choice since…

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  • Pro Choice Vs Pro Life Essay

    Pro Choice vs. Pro Life There are many reasons on both sides of this issue of why people believe it is or is not okay to have an abortion. Many believe that it is a woman’s right to choose to end her pregnancy or not. The U.S. Supreme Court has declared that it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Many would also believe that in choosing to end her pregnancy, she is committing murder, and that although the child is unborn, it is still a living being with the same right to live as its…

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  • Pro Choice Research Paper

    When you think of pro-choice, what comes to mind? Abortion is the most controversial topic in America. You have people on one side (pro-lifers) who say abortion should be ban but then on the other side, you have people (pro-choice) who feel that abortion should be legal. When it comes down to it, do a woman have a choice with her own body? How can anybody take away a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body? It took a long time for women to get the right to vote or to be treated as…

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  • Pro Choice Abortion Essay

    Pro-Choice Thoughts Bearing a child is a metamorphic decision that will affect you in every way and deciding on not continuing with the gravidity is life altering. This so called not continuing, or termination of, a pregnancy is called an abortion. Agreeing that women should have the right to choose to have an abortion is agreeing with pro-choice values. An abortion can be either intended or unintended; and, women who choose to have an intended abortion may have one for many reasons. These…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Pro-Choice Versus Pro Life

    Pro-choice Versus Pro-life A woman should have the right to choose what she wants to do with her body. There are many reasons why she may choose to keep or abort her baby. If a woman chooses to abort, she should have the freedom to do so. It is her body, it may not be the right time in her life to have a baby, and laws should not stop her or try to make the decision that is best for her. A woman should be able to do what she wants regarding her body. A person on the outside looking in never…

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  • The Politics Of Abortion: Pro-Choice Vs. Pro Life

    Running head: ABORTION The Politics of Abortion: Pro-Choice v. Pro-Life Cierra Alexander Columbus State Community College, Intro to American Government Abstract Abortion is one of the leading controversial topics in the country. There are two sides to this argument: Pro-choice and Pro-life. In this paper, we will discuss the main differences as well of the arguments of both sides. Furthermore, the paper will go into detail on why abortion should be kept legal throughout the United States. The…

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  • Pro Choice Abortion Research Paper

    Abortion Is Only An Option! Abortion is one of the biggest controversial topics, not only in America but worldwide. When it comes to the topic of abortion there is two sides, pro-life and pro-choice. People who believe in pro-life believe that abortion should be totally illegal. Pro-life also has very good points that will be mentioned. But pro-choice is the better option because it is only an option for people. Abortion really started to blow up as a problem in 1973 in the Roe Vs. Wade case.…

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