Probability mass function

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  • Terrain Contour Matching Analysis

    Terrain Contour Matching (TERCOM) TERCOM is an algorithm that analyses the mean absolute distance by matching the distance between the map depth and the measured depth, as explained by (Carreno, 2010). With TERCOM, the measurements from a certain profile along the trajectory are processed in batch, but it may also be run recursively. The method indirectly assumes constant position offsets from the INS position each time it is started. Point Mass Filter (PMF) PMF is a calculation that determines the position probability density function (PDF), as said by (N. Bergman, 1999). The point mass filter estimator the priori position distributions together with the error models of the depth measurements and the map to produce a posteriori probability…

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  • What Would You Do If You Win The Lottery

    The lottery is played all around the world. More than two-thirds of the citizens of the state. Anny three digit number can be placed from 000 to 999. After than the randomly draw a number. A number is drawn at random and announced by the state. The winner gets a prize. The probability that the correct 3 digits in the right order is selected is at an odds of 1 in 1,000. So if If a ticket costs two dollars and the winner must pick a sequence of five digits then if There are 10^5=100,000 different…

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  • Road Salting

    as numeracy. Age. Older individuals don’t understand risk information as well, both overestimate and underestimate probabilities (Fuller, Dudley, & Blacktop, 2001), worse risk comprehension than younger individuals (Fausset & Rogers, 2012). Much of the literature supports the idea that decision making effectiveness…

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  • New Balance Argument Essay

    New Balance is moving into a toning market with a pair of attractive shoes that has hidden balance technology. The purpose is to present, “Why walk when you can tone your body”, when you’re simply just walking or even doing your everyday chores. True Balance shoes promises 29% muscle activation and 10% calorie burn. Many women are getting intrigued with the idea of losing weight by these shoes from the percentages, but what if they percentages were lower. Would you still buy them? Even though,…

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  • Cat Food Case Study

    ------------------------------------------------- A life insurance company wants to estimate their annual payouts. Assume that the probability distribution of the lifetimes of the participants is approximately a normal distribution with a mean of 68 years and a standard deviation of 4 years. What proportion of the plan recipients would receive payments beyond age 74? Round your result to four significant places after the decimal. 4. ------------------------------------------------- The…

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  • John Gutmann Analysis

    John Gutmann was one of America’s most distinctive photographers. Gutmann was born in Germany where he became an artist. He later fled Germany due to the Nazi’s because he was a Jew. Gutmann moved to San Francisco and re-established himself as a photojournalist captivating the lives of Americans. He mainly took photographs of people who were imperfect like himself because of his Jewish nationality. Gutmann targeted the poor, circus folk, the gay community and the rich. Two of Gutmann’s works are…

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  • Fundamental Theorem Of Calculus Essay

    The fundamental theorem of Calculus: The fundamental theorem of calculus asserts the interrelated properties of integration and differentiation. It says that a function when differentiated, can be brought back by integrating (anti-derivative) or a function when integrated, can be brought back by differentiation. First theorem: Let f be a function that is integrable on [a,x] for each x in [a,b], then let c be such that a≤c≤b and define a new function A as follows, A(x)=∫_c^x▒f(x)dt, if a≤x≤b.…

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  • Calculus: The Fundamental Theorem Of Calculus

    Fundamental Theorem of Calculus The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus evaluate an antiderivative at the upper and lower limits of integration and take the difference. This theorem is separated into two parts. The first part is called the first fundamental theorem of calculus and states that one of the antiderivatives of some function may be obtained as the integral of the function with a variable bound of integration. The second part of the theorem, called the second fundamental theorem of…

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  • Bayesian Method Essay

    two dimensional (2-D) training data for two classes, we created a classifier using discriminant function (which is the logarithmic version of Bayes formula) and used it to classify provided test data. We estimated the necessary statistical parameters, such as mean covariance and prior probabilities, from the training data set. We modeled two discriminant functions, which were further used on test data to discriminate between the two classes. We assumed that all the data are normally distributed.…

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  • The Importance Of Memory And Personal Identity

    Memory and personal identity are an integral part of our lives. These characteristics and traits assist us in the way we make decisions and approach situations. Memory in relation to personal identity is a topic that has been studied by several Philosophers. The question of whether or not memory presupposes identity is a circular one, and therefore makes this question important. To study this, I looked at Parfits theory of Psychological continuity, and how it was seen as problematic due to its…

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