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  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Computing Assessment Paper

    The output in Boolean algebra must either be a 1 or a 0 to be compatible with the binary number system requirements (Sharma, 2007). Starting with addition of the base numbers; 0 + 0= 0 0 + 1 = 1 1 + 0 = 1 1 + 1 = 1 While the first three additions are identical to the results that adding the integers would make, the last one is contrary to the expected result. The result is because the ideal result of 2 would be beyond the limit of the results expected in a binary system. Boolean method uses an elimination method that determines that an addition of 1+1 would not be zero implying that the result then shifts to 0. The addition in Boolean algebra of 0 + 1 + 1 = 1 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 corresponds to an OR gate that is represented in a parallel switches. The Boolean algebra is also used to demonstrate the AND and NOT gates represented by multiplication and complementation. My questions In which other name is Boolean algebra referred as? What is referred to as binary…

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  • Common Mathematics Misconceptions In Mathematics

    Common mathematics misconceptions: 1. Misunderstanding the order of subtraction, such as thinking that 3 – 8 = 5. 2. Misreading the scale on the ruler and beginning measuring at the number 1, rather than from 0. How and why misconception 1 can arise with students: In his book, Issues in Mathematics Teaching, Swan (2001) makes the argument that as students make common mistakes in mathematics in their early years of education, the way in which children think or initially approach…

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  • What Is The Evolution Of Zero Essay

    On the other hand, if zero is divided by a negative or positive number, then the result is either zero or is expressed as a fraction with zero as the numerator and the finite quantity as denominator. He also claimed that zero divided by zero is zero, which is certainly wrong to make such an assumption, but it was a brilliant and brave attempt to extend arithmetic to negative numbers and zero [7]. In the 12th century, which was about five hundred years later, another Indian mathematician named…

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  • Cat Food Case Study

    receive, including well balanced nutrition. The kennel’s cat food is made by mixing two types of cat food to obtain the “nutritionally balanced cat diet.” The data for the two cat foods are as follows: Kitty Kennels wants to be sure that the cats receive at least 5 ounces of protein and at least 4 ounces of fat per day. What is the optimal cost of this plan? Write your answers with two significant places after the decimal and do not include the dollar “$” sign. 2.…

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  • Analysis Of Order And Value: Transitioning To Integers By Laura Bofferding

    of questions. Through this article, I learned about six different models that explained the way the first graders were thinking when they were asked to count backwards until the smallest number. The first model is called whole mental model, in which the students order the negative numbers next to the positive number. For example, -2 will go next to 2 in the number line. When the students were asked to count backwards to the smallest number the students often stopped at 1 or 0. Another model…

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  • Math Misconceptions

    In fourth grade various new math ideas are presented and many students can face difficulties when new material is introduced. Difficulties are especially displayed when it comes to discovering decimals. Although decimals are introduced in fourth grade they are continuously presented in math thereafter. One common misconception held about decimals is the idea that the more digits that are presented in a number, the greater the value of the number. An example of this is students believing that 3…

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  • Who Is Iago's Loyalty In Othello

    Othello Belonging is feeling included and accepted in a group. Othello marries Desdemona without her father’s permission. He then is sent by the senate, as part of army business, to Cyprus from Venice. Iago swears that he is going to bring Othello down for “sport and profit”. He uses Roderigo to get Cassio demoted, which he does by having Roderigo anger Cassio into attacking Roderigo. Cassio wants to reinstate his name with Othello. Iago encourages Cassio to achieve this through getting…

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  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, And Threat Analysis

    The SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis is structured in a point-based system in order to visualize the recommendation result in a more quantitative view. Internal factors, strength and weakness, are rated in terms of technology, product quality, cost, demand and supply. External factors, opportunity and threat, are rated in terms of R&D, policy, demand and supply. The factors and their relative importance are explained in the next paragraphs. Technology in Strength and…

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  • The Pain Scale By Eula Biss Analysis

    The measurements of our world strive to quantify the quality of our lives. The scales we use to measure ourselves and how we feel, fail to understand the concept of life itself. The tears of joy felt by a mother; the symphony of silence held by a survivor; the loudness of a murmur spoken as a prayer. Life is a composition, led by a melody, woven piece by piece, tied by our hopes and colored by our sorrows. Like darkness is the absence of light, pain is measured by the absence of happiness.…

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  • Math Misconceptions Essay

    Mathematic misconceptions arise in education as a result of students’ interpreting a situation differently than what is being taught in class. While some students may make mistakes in class due to lack of attention or lack of knowledge, there are common mistakes made in mathematics as a result of misunderstandings. As teachers, we are the ones responsible with developing our students’ conceptual understandings of mathematics in such a way that our lessons cater to the meaning of what is being…

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