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  • The Role Of Michael Cassio In Othello

    Just as quick as the wind changes the sea, a man’s word can change another man’s direction just as rapidly. This fits quite well with the way Michael Cassio is portrayed throughout Shakespeare’s tragic play, Othello. Throughout the story, Cassio is shaped and explained by three things: his military service, his orderly personality, and his charisma with women. As people and things begin to manipulate Michael, things get a little complicated and threaten Michael’s position as Othello’s lieutenant. However, when he acts as he was taught in the military, everything turns out in his favor. Early on in the play, Michael is described as a trustworthy and educated soldier, earning Othello’s trust in him to be his lieutenant, or second in command.…

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  • Character Analysis Of Othello's Lieutenant Michael Cassio

    I am Othello’s Lieutenant Michael Cassio, I am a young and inexperienced soldier, whose position is much resented by Iago. Truly devoted to Othello, I as Cassio is extremely ashamed because i got into a drunken brawl and i’ve lost my place as lieutenant and the lost of my reputation which is connected to my military service and my public behavior. I feel without my reputation as an upstanding solder i’m nothing more than a “beast.” Emilia is The wife of Iago and attendant to Othello’s…

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  • Essay On Iago's Soliloquy In Othello

    the third scene of the second act, Iago (the villain) reveals his real intentions and feelings about Cassio, Othello, and Desdemona, as well as declares what his subsequent actions will be. He has already successfully executed the first part of his plan prompting Othello to deprive Michael Cassio of lieutenancy. With his ultimate goal being seizure of this currently vacant position, Iago decides to implement the next stage of his strategy. He approaches uncontended Cassio and convinces him that…

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  • Roderigo's Evil In Othello

    raises doubt to deceive Roderigo and Cassio that ultimately leads to the downfall of Othello. In Act I, we get to see how Iago’s character is developed as he converses with Roderigo. Iago uses Roderigo for his money and makes him a valuable piece in his diabolical plan.…

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  • Othello: Breaking A Man

    a position he believes he ought to have, as opposed to the younger, more inexperienced Cassio. He is so infuriated with this that he vows to destroy Othello, opting to use the young lieutenant and Othello’s wife, Desdemona, to aid in his plans against him. This plays out similarly in the film when Odin is chosen as the most valuable player of the school basketball team. Instead of sharing the award with fellow teammate and friend, Hugo, Odin shares it with another of his friends, Michael. Hugo…

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  • Major Themes Of Jealousy In Shakespeare's Othello

    During Othello by William Shakespeare we see tons of jealousy between all the characters. Each character that expresses jealousy expresses it in a very overacted state or a very calm but irrational way. Major events of jealousy that occur during Othello are, when Othello passed up Iago for a promotion to give it to Cassio, and Othello gets jealous that his wife may be sneaking around with Cassio. In Othello, jealousy takes many forms, but it, is in all instances, destructive. Iago was talking…

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  • Comparing Iago And Rhoda In Shakespeare's Othello

    each other. In the books Anderson’s Bad Seed and Shakespeare’s Othello, Iago and Rhoda share similar characteristics such as jealousy of another character, good manipulators, and both have a short temper. Jealous in the stories is what keeps the conflicts interesting. Although their reasoning differed they both Iago and Rhoda were short tempered because of jealousy. In Othello, Iago shows Cassio who received the lieutenant position bothers him and is jealous of him. Iago says, “One Michael…

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  • Iago's Honesty In Othello

    In the Shakespearean play “Othello” Iago is an evil character who fuels other characters with cruelty and hatred to encourage them to commit such cruel actions without even realizing it. He was able to lead for the downfall of almost all of the play’s characters. Iago’s character serves as the foil of the main character, Othello. Othello is a very respected Moor who is known for his wisdom, intelligence, and power. Whereas Iago manipulate different ways to make others believe his honesty in…

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  • Theme Of Envy In Othello

    Othello, written by William Shakespeare, Iago is a man who easily succumbs to his envy over both Othello and Cassio. He believes himself to be crossed by both and thus goes through great lengths to ensure that both men are led to their downfalls. Yet, his feelings of being crossed are not the only reason as to why Iago mercilessly toys and plots Othello against Cassio. Rather, it is also due to the underlying conclusion that Iago envy’s Othello and the man he has become and the great victories…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Othello And Lord Of The Flies

    unleashing the dark hidden desires deep within people’s hearts. Although both individuals were immoral, Iago’s vile and twisted actions compared to Jack’s will always be as great as that between heaven and earth. The basis behind this is that individuals who are narcissistic will do things that only benefit themselves. People who are deceitful will use others like pawns without having any remorse. To begin with, people will carry out narcissistic actions for their contentment. At the beginning…

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