Character Analysis Of Othello's Lieutenant Michael Cassio

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I am Othello’s Lieutenant Michael Cassio, I am a young and inexperienced soldier, whose position is much resented by Iago. Truly devoted to Othello, I as Cassio is extremely ashamed because i got into a drunken brawl and i’ve lost my place as lieutenant and the lost of my reputation which is connected to my military service and my public behavior. I feel without my reputation as an upstanding solder i’m nothing more than a “beast.” Emilia is The wife of Iago and attendant to Othello’s wife desdemona. Emilia comes upon the chaos surrounding Cassio and he got wounded in a mysterious attack. Iago sends her to tell all that information to othello. Othello is the highly respected general of the Armies Of Venice. Othello is sure …show more content…
Iago gets cassio drunk and he fights with Roderigo and Iago uses I Cassio and his good looks and his friendship with Desdemona. Iago uses the word “honest” in act 3 in three different ways. The first way he uses it is to honourable about I Cassio. He uses the meaning of that word to force Othello to doubt I Cassio’s honesty and to also question his honourability. The second way is faithful, both about desdemona and Cassio. The third way Iago’s most effective use is which is to use honesty and to truthful and he told Othello the truth. Iago uses these phrases to force Othello to question his wifes integrity and honesty. Iago’s main plain is to convince Othello of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness with cassio and try to get them both punished. Iago succeeded his plan. Iago will say anything to make Othello believe it, What he is telling is the truth, Fooling Othello into having trust in him. Iago traps him in his web of lies, Also making it unavoidable for Desdemona and I Cassio to look suspicious one way or another, like with the handkerchief and Desdemona pleading for Cassios Reinstatement. It really all adds up until he is certain that she and Cassio must

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