Emilia's Role In Othello

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“If wives do fall. [...] The ills we do, their ills instruct us so” (4.3.87-104). Though not typically seen as a major character in Othello, Emilia has very crucial roles in the conflict and resolution of play. Constantly privy to the misdoings of her husband, the villainous Iago, Emilia is a fairly strong character and an important part of Desdemona’s death from beginning to end. Emilia’s greatest importance to the conflict and plot of the play is that she is faithful to Desdemona and her husband until she realizes what evils he has committed against her innocent friend.
Emilia, being trapped married to Iago wishes to nothing more than to please him (perhaps in hopes that he will be pleased and treat her more lovingly). When Iago,

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