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  • Iago In Othello

    Iago-a persona that is depicted in Shakespeare’s words as a rugged, honest, and loyal individual to others, but in reality, is an emotional, deceitful, and perfidious individual. Othello on the other hand, is assumed to be a leader-due to his high position as General-yet, he is susceptible to the words of others. Throughout the play, Shakespeare takes the perspectives of characters and portrays their true selves to the readers in order to show the irony that lurks. Iago attempts to lure Othello in his devious plan to bring Othello to his own downfall by leaving ideas for open interpretation in regards to the “affair” between Cassio-Othello’s lieutenant-and Desdemona-Othello’s newly wedded wife. Throughout the turning point of the Shakespearean…

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  • Iago And Othello

    The tree "screams and cries" with pain, not just for being cut down, but also for the love and feelings that the tree still has for the boy. The tree was not alone for "the boy too was sad" to see it go but he had no other choice. The tree now gone is "but a stump in the soil," a lone reminder of what once existed so beautifully. The poem can be compared to Othello and his relationship with his wife and Iago, where the tree is portrayed as Desdemona, the wife as Iago and the boy as Othello. As…

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  • Iago Corruption In Othello

    Iago is capable of sweet talking people, and misleading them to get the backlash he wants. “He is the classical Renaissance atheist- intelligent, beyond moral scruple, and one who finds pleasure in the corruption of the virtuous and the abuse of the pliable.” (Foster, “Othello”). As Foster explains, Iago takes advantage of vulnerable people and does not care who is at risk. Brabantio yells “Thou art a villain” Iago responds, “You are a senator” (1.1.115-16). Brabantio is angry with the men for…

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  • Iago A Villain Analysis

    define, Iago is the most infamous villain of all time, I find that he is much more of a complex character then at first glance. Sure he is evil, but is he a simple villain? I think not. He is thoroughly amused by his devilish plots and is not afraid to declare how good he is at it to the audience. Iago is different then many villains because his motives are not very clear. There are many theories over why Iago does the things he does, and my belief is that Shakespeare wrote it this way to…

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  • Essay On Iago In Othello

    Is Iago the person everyone see’s him as, or is he really a mischievous, deceitful, lying man? Iago has a lot of secrets, he is very intelligent in the aspect of playing people. In the act of playing people he somehow manages to keep everyone thinking that he is a good man with good intentions. Iago is a two- faced character that nobody can trust but he somehow manages to receive everyone's trust. Iago’s thought process is to get close to the leader and act as if they are friends but…

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  • Motives Of Iago In Othello

    Motives of Iago in Othello In the play Othello by William Shakespeare (1564-1616) the role of the villain is fairly shaping to the story line. This villain is Iago, also called “honest” Iago. While being called “honest” Iago, Iago is anything but honest. Iago is a devious man, liar, manipulator, and psychopath. For these reasons Iago is perhaps the most complex and intriguing character in the entire play. After some troubling events it becomes Iago’s sole purpose to ruin and destroy Othello.…

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  • Othello: Iago As A Villain

    a villain is a person who does bad things. In the play Othello, by William Shakespeare, Iago is considered a villain. Iago is a terrible person because he never tells the truth. Throughout the play, Iago creates a web of treachery that eventually shatters in the end. Iago is considered a villain because he makes his friends jealous, manipulates them, and fakes his innocence. Iago is an evil person because he likes to make his friends jealous. For example in Act III, Scene iii, Iago uses his…

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  • Iago Spiteful In Othello

    Iago can be characterized as spiteful because his goal of exacting revenge on Othello demonstrates how satisfied he will be if he harms Othello and goes beyond his boundaries in order to get back at Cassio as well. Iago is odious towards Othello because he made Cassio the lieutenant. As Iago continues to be spiteful, he starts to spread rumors about Othello raping Desdemona, Brabantio’s daughter. As Iago and Brabantio were talking, Iago says: “Because we come to do you service and you think we…

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  • Iago: The Perfect Villain

    In the play, Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago is the perfect villain. Because Iago is such a complex character, making you love him because he is so devious and smart, but hate him at the same time because he’s ruining the lives of his “friends”. Not only is Iago a narcissist, he has no respect and is incapable of genuine love and compassion. His motives are solely pleasure. Iago uses cognitive dissonance when justifying his actions. Iago is a Psychopath and a Sociopath and also very smart,…

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  • Iago In Othello's Jealousy

    existing in Shakespeare’s literature Iago is the most villainous. He is considered one of the greatest profligates because he has no valid reasons for the chaos he causes between Othello and Desdemona. Without Iago, Othello’s jealousy would have never weakened his confidence. Iago is indirectly responsible for the deaths of Othello, Desdemona and Roderigo. Every act in Othello contains an evil plot set up by Iago. It is ironic because throughout the play he is known as “Honest Iago”(II.iii.355).…

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