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  • Literary Analysis Of Mid-Term Break, By Seamus Heaney

    In the first stanza, the first line is broken into five feet with each foot made of iambs. The second line of the poem is also iambic pentameter with each foot consisting of iambs. The third line also follows with this consistency. This rhythmical pattern is only fitting because readers do not know the tragic incident that has happened, so the tone is very somber. However, in the second stanza which consist of three lines, the iambic pentameter does not continue. The first line follows a trochaic pentameter with each foot consisting of trochees. The second line is also a trochaic pentameter; however the last foot is an iamb to punctuate the word stride. The third line is an iambic pentameter broken into five feet with the third and fifth feet diverging from the sequence. The third foot changes into a trochee while the last two words of the fifth foot is a spondee to articulate the hard blow that the child received. The second stanza chances pattern because death is introduced to the readers and the last two words of the sentence which are “hard blow”, shows that the death is something that has happened suddenly to the family. In the third stanza, the majority of the feet are iambs, therefore this stanza is considered to be iambic pentameter. The third line of this stanza follow the strict rhythm of an iamb, while the first and second are different. In the first line, second foot, it is an iamb with a spondee on the word “cooed”; otherwise, the line is an iambic pentameter.…

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  • Abuse In My Papa's Waltz By Theodore Roethke

    He Loves Me In the poem "My Papa 's Waltz" written by Theodore Roethke, most readers believe that it is about abuse. Is it possible? Of course it is, it depends on who’s reading the poem and their interpretation of the poem. The use of language, diction, imagery, and symbols, along with the tone helps to influence how readers come to their own conclusion on what the poem is really about. I choose to look at the poem in a brighter light. With so much negativity in the world and with so many…

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  • Robert Frost A Swinger Of Birches

    A Swinger of Birches Hardened by the daily toils and responsibilities, the soft innocence of youth is easily forgotten with age. Walking through the woods in solitude, a man lets his busy mind wander for a moment. With the sight of trees swaying in the wind, his mind understands that the heavy ice and snow is what bends the thin trees. But his heart wonders if it was a boy’s doing – climbing to the top of the trees just to bend them enough so he can let go and fall safely to the ground – that…

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  • Kubla Khan Poem Analysis

    Coleridge's Kubla Khan can be called a dream on a paper and rightfully so, for it is so hauntingly beautiful and so accurately composed as only a fragment of a vivid but forgotten dream can be.A major section of the poem is written in iambic tetrameter, with the words flowing as smooth as an incantation from the mouth of a sorcerer. It is, along with Rime of The Ancient Mariner, one of Coleridge's most famous and enduring pieces of work. The first three stanzas, penned in rich language, possess…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem Where Did The Handsome Beloved Go

    “Where did the handsome beloved go?” is a poem written in 13th century Persia by Sufi poet Jalal Al-Din Rumi. This 26-line free verse couplet poem follows no rhyming scheme. The tones throughout this poem are somber, loving, yearning, and religious. It follows Rumi in his search for someone he misses greatly. He looks everywhere he knows and ask many people if they’ve seen him. We realize at the end that this beloved of his is Shams Tabriz his spiritual instructor that has died. Jalal…

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  • To George Sand A Desire Analysis

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “To George Sand: A Desire” serves to explicate Browning’s admiration for George Sand, a successful female writer, by underscoring that which makes Sand powerful. “To George Sand: A Recognition,” a companion piece to “A Desire,” concerns itself not only with Sand’s character traits but also with evidencing the actual challenges Sand faced to become the writer she was. Because of this, my primary inspiration and the poem I chose to imitate was “A Recognition.” “To…

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  • Analysis Of To My Dear And Loving Husband

    Anne Bradstreet’s To My Dear and Loving Husband is a love poem that was published in 1678. Bradstreet explores the themes of time, faith, value, and identity through the speaker’s love for her husband. Through this poem, Bradstreet expresses Puritan values towards love and discusses the potential immortality of love. To My Dear and Loving Husband shares similarities to a sonnet, but alters with the rhyme scheme and use of twelve lines in comparison to the usual fourteen lines. Bradstreet crafts…

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  • The Inevitability Of Death In Remember And Remember By Christina Rossetti

    In the poem ‘Remember’ by Christina Rossetti, the speaker feels that as their death is inevitable, they must focus on the loved one that they are leaving behind and ensure that they will not waste their lives grieving. Likewise, in the poem ‘Song’, the speaker feels similarly to that of ‘Remember’, as they try to ensure that their loved on will not be afraid or distraught once they have died. Rossetti expresses these feelings in both poems by her use of language features such as sibilance, as…

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  • Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening Poem Analysis

    In Robert Frost's Poem "Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening" the speaker chooses to surround himself with the dangers of nature away from the comforts of society; whereas Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott" is in a tower locked away from the beauties of society because of her own fears. As the speaker in Frost's poem secludes himself from society he notices the dangers around him and what they could potentially cause. In Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" he describes a man…

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  • The Rites Of Cousin Vit Analysis

    ‘The rites of Cousin Vit’ is an elegy in the form of a sonnet. At first the poem seems to simply tell us that it is unbelievable Vit is dead as she was so lively. However upon a closer reading see the voice expressing her displeasure with her place in society through her admiration of Vit. Brooks explores the themes of mortality, vitality and femininity using techniques such as the meter of the poem and even the name of the character alongside the language of the poem in order to convey these…

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