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  • International Baccalaureate Advantages

    Baccalaureate (IB). Increasing the number of International Baccalaureate schools worldwide, and specifically in the United States will provide vast benefits, despite the hardships students in this program face. The International Baccalaureate (IB),”is an internationally accepted pre-university qualification….now offered in more than 70 countries worldwide.” (Hayden) Currently, 2,365 IB schools stand in the world that offer this programme in their schools. 855 of these schools transpire…

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  • Reflection On Project Based Learning

    feedback, the office will be able to pick the right resources that will complement PBL. In terms of evaluation and assessment, the district makes sure that Math teachers are following standard-based grading. Every semester they push 25 standards in our gradebook and pre-programs the grade distribution, we cannot change anything except for the dates. During unit tests students are given one to two questions for each standard and have to average 60% to be proficient in each of them. This can be…

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  • Honors Inclusion

    Honors Inclusion The main office was easy to locate. School hours are from 7:45am to 2:30pm. Students take 7 classes each semester. The average class size was 26 students to one teacher. Approximately 1,790 students attend Springbrook and 42.4% are females and 57.6% are male’s students, 9.7% (170 students) are in special education, graduation rate is 84.9%, attendance rate is 93.6%, dropout rate is 7.2% and suspension rates is 3.7%. Mr. Cooper shared this information with Jessica and I.…

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  • Jcib Argumentative Essay

    At the Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School, one-hundred percent of the students that graduate go to some form of a four year college (“JCIB”). In life many jobs, including those of lower requirements, require candidates to have a college degree. From the fact that all of the students that graduate from this school go to four year colleges, if your child comes to this school he or she will get a degree of some form (“JCIB”). Due to all of the benefits that JCIB provides its…

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  • Sense Perception Essay

    instance, I can recall a few times when a friend and I were telling another person about something we did and my friend or I would twist the events slightly to make the story more interesting. Once my friend Devon and I were telling someone about an event that we attended and I added in an extra detail or two. I would look at Devon everytime I said something untrue and he would nod in agreement, he believed every word I said even though he was there. The next time I heard him tell the story, he…

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  • Becoming The National Honor Society

    and serve as a peer tutor, the involvement began to grow over the following weeks. My next aspect of the plan was to increase the availability of the tutors, as well as the opportunities available to the NHS members. I increased the number of peer tutoring sessions, as well as offer them both during school and after school. With these changes, the volunteer involvement grew exponentially. Once again, a few simple changes were able to make massive differences through the club, as well as the…

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  • Emily Hanford's Article: The Value Of A College Lesson

    receiving college diplomas as well as the increasing wage gap between workers with a degree versus workers without…

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  • College Still Matters

    Although there is a job for everyone out there a business will always pick someone with relevant and better skills for a specific job. Although in today’s information age anyone is capable of learning the skills necessary for a job, however, the employer will take a bachelor’s degree over someone’s word. In the article “3 Reason College Still Matters” by Andrew Delbanco explains a few reasons why college still important, one of them being the value of a bachelor’s degree as he said, “Its’ clear…

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  • Participant Four: A Case Study

    Participant One is a 50-year-old African American sales manager. She is a grandmother. She cares for two of her grandchildren. She has had 2 ½ years of college experience. Quite often, she has tried to complete a bachelor’s degree, but her job has consumed most of her time. She seemed to feel that a degree would mean the world to her despite her present obstacles, which seem to be financed. She has a great desire to complete her degree, but “the timing is just not right at this time.” She…

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  • Personal Essay: The Importance Of Receiving A University Degree

    to accomplish all over my long term goals. A degree is the first intermediate length goal I will have to accomplish in order to accomplish more of my long term life goals. A degree will help me gain financial stability for myself and my future family. A degree will also allow me to pursue a professional career of my choosing. A university degree also means being professionally reliable and qualified. A university degree will help me increase my professional profile and help me move up a future…

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