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  • Theme Of Duty And Duty In Sophocles's 'Antigone'

    responsibility and duty. Duty is something one is “obligated to do.” Responsibility is described as doing something one “feels is necessary,” as well as “having capacity for moral decisions and therefore accountable” (Webster’s Dictionary). The theme of responsibility and duty transcends the shallow meaning of the words themselves; it illustrates the internal driving force behind nearly every character’s motives and decisions throughout the throughout the play The absolute essence of the word duty is personified by Jonas and the other guards. The guards represent duty to its fullest extent. Anouilh makes sure to note that…

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  • Duty Of Care Case Study

    Issue 1: Duty of Care The first issue involved in Michelle and Rebecca case is, did Michelle the defendant owe the plaintiff Rebecca duty of care under law of tort when Michelle offered Rebecca a ride home when she was drunk. Duty of care is referred to the legal responsibility which is compulsory to any individual that requires the reasonable care when performing any act that could direct or indirectly harm others. An essential element of duty of care is foreseeability. Rule 1 In relation…

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  • Importance Of Duty Of Care In Negligence

    to believe that a negligence action has occurred and that it was due to the fault of someone else instead of believing it to be accidental. Negligence is a part of tort law, which consists of three essentials that need to be proven by the plaintiff in order to be successful in a negligence case. Duty of care, standard of care and sufficient connection in law are the three essentials that are needed in a negligence action case, which the concept was described by Lord Wright in Lochgelly Iron and…

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  • Duty Of Care In The Case Of G Shepherd V.

    It would be reasonable for Roland and Belle to accept G Shepherd & Co’s and David’s advice .In Shaddock v Paramatta City Council ,the High court held that the duty of care extends to the supply of information as well as advice. Therefore, G Shepherd & Co and David do owe a duty of care in relation to the statements made to Roland and Belle. Breach of that duty of care: An objective test is applied in assessing whether G Shepherd & Co and David has met the standard of care expected of a…

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  • Denotation Of Love In Those Winter Sundays By Robert Hayden

    taking on duties and responsibilities. The word appears in the last sentence of the poem and it’s ambiguous definition leaves the reader with room to interpret the word with various denotations: “What did I know, what did I know / of love’s austere and lonely offices?” (13-14). This ambiguity therefore holds a great deal of influence over the reading of the poem as whole. The one word expresses the multitude of duties and feelings a father might do and express in regard to his love for his…

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  • The Implication Of The Singer's Moral Principles

    from drowning in the pond even though there may be others witnessing the bad occurrence and do nothing. Singer believes that proximity and distance are morally irrevelent because it should not morally differ on whether the bad situation is far way or happening right next door because it is morally significant to help either way because there is someone in distress. 3. Singer thinks that the traditional distinction between moral duty and charity cannot be justified because organizations that see…

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  • Global Justice For All: The Ideas Of Peter Singer

    in a world of needy poor, I should probably do more to aid badly off persons around the globe. Many people subscribe to this thought, which prompts guilt and embarrassment. However, the thought readily becomes an extremely demanding vise. What do we owe, as a matter of justice, to distant needy strangers? Does justice require, permit, or prohibit special partiality toward local needy strangers or needy folk who are members of our national community? In this essay I would like to discuss the…

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  • Pulli And Millum Reaction Paper

    Rulli and Millum (2014) makes a point to include the sports car example demonstrating people’s way of thinking. The majority believe the agent has a moral duty to sacrifice his sports car to save the child. Even though, the agent endures a greater personal cost that is outweighed by his moral duty to the child. With this in mind, the agent may not believe the damage to the sports car is worth the risk to save the child, as a consequence, he may not feel morally obligated to do so. Thenceforth,…

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  • Administrative Team Case Study

    Problem Analysis - Administrative Team As an executive assistant (EA) for a very large, global technology company, one of the most significant issues the group faces is an inconsistency in job duty execution. EAs have standard job duties as well as job duties that are unique to the department in which they are assigned. As EAs, we all share the same job title, yet we are individual contributors rather than part of a team or function. Because EAs are ranked and rated against one another, those…

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  • Language Exposed In Robert Hayden's Those Winter Sundays

    repeated that with time comes grace. This maxim does well to describe the reflections found in “Those Winter Sundays” by the author, Robert Hayden. In a recollection, assumedly decades later, Hayden speaks of his father’s morning activity on a winter Sunday. In a wistful, ashamed tone, he recalls his father waking up before dawn, and chopping wood to warm the house. He makes sure the rooms are warmed, and polishes his son’s shoes for him. Concerning these labors of love, the son shows…

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