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  • Denotation Of Love In Those Winter Sundays By Robert Hayden

    In the poem, “Those Winter Sundays”, Robert Hayden plays on various denotations of the word “office” to make clear that love often means taking on duties and responsibilities. The word appears in the last sentence of the poem and it’s ambiguous definition leaves the reader with room to interpret the word with various denotations: “What did I know, what did I know / of love’s austere and lonely offices?” (13-14). This ambiguity therefore holds a great deal of influence over the reading of the poem as whole. The one word expresses the multitude of duties and feelings a father might do and express in regard to his love for his children. Here, the “lonely and austere offices” (14) possessively stem from love. By giving love, an intangible feeling…

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  • Duality And Personification In John Keats's To Autumn

    In the incredible ode, “To Autumn”, John Keats uses the literary devices duality and personification to capture the audience’s attention. He talks about the differences in autumn and it becomes clear that no matter the scale of revolt, or whatever happens, the cycle of life will continue endlessly. This is obvious when one looks at the phrases in each stanza, which makes the slight contrasts Keats’ uses purposeful. By looking at duality and personification, we can see the major differences in…

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  • The Apartment Film Analysis

    The Apartment Film has a specific structure that creates meaning out of a series of photographs. This structure uses a specific language to create a narrative that the spectator should be able to understand. Christian Metz believes that through denotation a stronger meaning can be derived from the connotation. The study of connotation is that it is always symbolic in its nature, while denotation is the literal sense of the film. Connotative meaning should extend over the denotative meaning…

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  • Distinctively Visual Analysis Essay

    Movie, TV show, magazine, Internet and so on, everything you see from different media and different elements in these media such as the words, the images, the colors, the sounds, the angle of camera, are designed to make you think, sense and experience in a particular atmosphere (Beaton,2012). That is to say, artificial visual elements in different culture background could represent different meanings. Visual culture is to find out the connotation and denotation of them. Using a picture from an…

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  • Connotation In The Housewife

    Introduction The word housewife takes its origin from a combination of the word house, a building for human habitation; and the word wife, a married woman from the perspective of her husband. The title is most widely used in referring to the occupation and state of a married woman whose work is unpaid within her home. There is often a negative connotation around the word housewife. It is readily associated with being unliberated and lazy amongst other things. However, we tend to accept…

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  • Gravox Advertisement Analysis

    Cooking is present as the image is of a roast dinner which also will come under a food discourse. This signifier provides a definite denotation of a roast with gravy on top. At first to the eye the ad is just about gravy. You don 't expect anything more or less. However when looked into deeper there are multiple connotations behind the ad. The image is displaying your typical beef roast served with cooked vegetables and a nice serving of hot gravy on top. By having this image it suggests that…

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  • The Influence Of Names In Young Children

    impact of their choice was limited to themselves, the state would have no reason to intervene and limit them, but, unfortunately, this is not the case, as the one receiving the name is usually a young child, which is at the same time part of the group most likely to be influenced by names, as a large portion of children consider names a significant part of their identity and unable to pick for themselves. Therefore, in order to aid the name givers and protect children from possible social…

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  • An Interpretation Of Death In Auto Wreck, By Karl Shapiro

    Shapiro’s first signs of repetitive phrasing occur right in the first line of “Auto Wreck,” “it 's quick soft silver bell beating, beating.” (1) This repetition of the word beating was inserted to create an image of the ambulance racing to the scene of the accident. This phrase is also considered to be onomatopoeia, because of the sound which the ambulance makes, beating and whooping, in an attempt to scare the other drivers off the road. The repetition also produces a lasting effect, since it…

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  • Effen Vodka Semiotic Analysis

    Ferdinand de Saussure (1916) in his book Course on General Linguistics discussed about signs and how to decode them. To simplify our understanding of semiotics, he breaks down a sign into three central elements, which are the Signifier, the Signified and the Referent. The Signifier is essentially the words or symbols used to indicate a particular object. The Signified is the mental image or associations evoked in the recipient’s mind regarding the indicated object, as a result of the signifier.…

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  • Semiotic Analysis Examples

    a lasting impression. The advertisement will be critically analyzed to demonstrate the effectiveness of signs in the ad in promoting ideologies and arouse unique responses from the target group of the product. Advertiser relayed on various signs so as to evoke and communicate a point effectively and quickly to consumers. For the purpose of analysis, Pantene Hair Fall Control "Colossus System - Raline" an advertisements which is a 2016 Asia-Pacific advertisement for Pantene Hair Fall Control is…

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